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There are reports that a website that offers electronic cigarettes has now introduced a solar version. Sadly, this is not true.

Online PR News – 19-April-2011 – – Have you heard of electronic cigarettes or solar powered electronic cigarettes? Most people havenít even heard about these battery powered electronic smoking devices, so it is not surprising if the solar version takes you by surprise. Recently, there were a few reports that, which is the most popular electronic cigarette review site has introduced the first solar powered electronic cigarette. This naturally made a lot of people curious because they wanted to find out what this was about and how it worked. Sadly however, this isnít true. We donít have such a solar powered model yet. Solar powered e-cigarettes do not exist Ė not at nor anywhere else. For now electronic cigarette users will have to recharge their batteries when low on power.

There are solar panels that provide electricity to your home, solar street lamps, solar heaters, solar fans, and even solar cell phone chargers, but there are no solar powered electronic cigarettes. But it certainly seems like a unique thought and we expect to see them in the near future.

An electronic cigarette relies on the battery for power. The battery capacity is the weak point of electronic cigarettes. The solar powered electronic cigarette would eliminate the need to charge the device.

What is an electronic cigarette? They look and even feel like ordinary cigarettes and produce odorless vapor which dissipates quickly. When you inhale through the device a heating element vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in a cartridge and a small red LED at the tip of it glows. To an onlooker, at a casual glance, it would seem that the person is smoking the real thing. For this reason, some e-cigarettes have a blue or green LED to avoid looking like a tobacco cigarette. The electronic cigarette replicates the smoking experience but without tar, tobacco, and flame.

What other reasons would a smoker have to smoke an electronic cigarette instead of the real thing? The answer is Ė to quit tobacco. The fact that smoking is bad for health is widely accepted now, and there are scientific and medical reports to back this. Smoking can cause various diseases, and it can be the cause of death as well. It is not easy to kick this addiction. Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to get away from tobacco but they continue to be addicted to nicotine and the physical experience of smoking a cigarette. Over time a smoker could slowly reduce the nicotine intake by switching to cartridges with lower or zero nicotine.

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4502 W Olympic Blvd
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