Electronic Cigarette Co Launchs New Ladies Model and E-Liquids

SmokePower.com has launched a new Smoke Power Pro Lady E-Cigarette. This Ultra Slim Black all black model is sure to catch some attention with this models classy and beautiful looks. The popular website now offers E-Liquids too!

Online PR News – 03-December-2009 – – Smoke Power Inc has launched a new Smoke Power Pro Lady e-cigarette. This Ultra Slim all black model is already getting attention. The super thin compact is very thin and sleek. With this new kit you get The Compact, 1 Full Lady E-Cigarette, 16 Cartridges, 1 USB Charger. This model will make a great gift for the holidays for any smoker on your list.A great addition to the websites popular new product line that has gotten national attention.
Due to customer demand the site now also offers a huge variety of E-Liquids in many awesome flavors at excellent prices. Go now to http://www.smokepower.com for details.
Smoke Power Inc- has done their homework doing excellent research when it comes to there new electronic cigarette products! The Smoke Power Pro mini electronic cigarette is small and about the size of a real cigarette.
The cartridges are softer than other brands and are patented, A special seal covers the liquid until you put on the cartridge and pierce the seal. Keeps it fresh and does not leak or gurgle while smoking. This cartridge allows ultimate vapor production as well. And is more consistant per customer reviews and satisfaction.
The batteries last an amazingly long time and most users get a full day out of one battery even though you get 2 batteries with most starter kits.
All Kits that SmokePower.com offers are compact and easy to carry with you like the cute little Smoke Power Pro Compact thats comes with 2 Batteries, 8 Cartridges,1 Atomizer & 1 USB Charger. All this in a super small case that fits in you pocket! No more fumbling around your e-cig kit. Fits right in your pocket or purse. One customer writes in her review. "Amazing carry case that's so simple and convenient!"

Penn Mason CEO of Smoke Power Inc in Nashville TN says,
"Customers are saying great things about SmokePower.com products due to the great quality and value"!
This makes us very excited that our customers are so happy with our products!
He also said in a competitive market like electronic Cigarettes you have to offer quality and value together! One of the problems with other e-cig companies is the quality is not worth all that money they charge the consumer. Over processed poorly made products that are way over priced equal unhappy customers . Which is why we at SmokePower.com only purchase our product from one manufacturer. After tons of trials of many e-cig manufacturers we found the perfect product we call the Smoke Power Pro Electronic Cigarette.

It should also be noted that there is preliminary research which provides laboratory evidence that electronic cigarettes are as effective as nicotine replacement products for short-term smoking cessation (i.e., these products have been shown to provide relief of cigarette cravings at a level comparable to nicotine replacement products). This research found that electronic cigarettes are actually preferable to a nicotine inhaler in terms of helpfulness, pleasantness, and ratings of whether the smoker would use the product and recommend the product. Given the overwhelming anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation, formally studying the longer-term effectiveness of these products is a research priority.

Electronic cigarettes have the potential to be a life-saving intervention for millions of smokers. The FDA and the anti-smoking groups need to embrace this product and support the appropriate testing, not remove it abruptly from the market and sentence over a million e-cigarette users to disease and even death by a return to conventional cigarettes.

Smoke Power Inc offer excellent high quality electronic cigarettes that is by far the best in the electronic cigarettes market and now get your E-Liquids too. You can see the Smoke Power Pro Lady now at http://www.smokepower.com

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