OFFICIAL: Gov. Medical Study Shows- Ecig (E-cigarette): The Best Quit Smoking Product, Over 45% Success.

Cape Town: The first medical study made in South Africa suggests E-cigarettes to be the best smoking recession product exists today. Out of 349 participants took part in the study, a staggering amount of 45% have stopped smoking in the time frame of 8 weeks with the E-Cigarettes.

Online PR News – 01-February-2010 – – Local medicals in Cape Town, South Africa, led by Dr. Clifford Hulley, have supplied 349 attendees with an Electronic CIgarette for the period of 2 months. Purpose of the study was to determine if E-cigarette is an efficient aid for smokers to quit smoking, and to learn whether the smoking of an E-cigarette improves the general health condition of the user by his feelings.
The E-cigarettes that was used in the study was of s kind we can’t expose here, with normal amount of nicotine.
Electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that looks like a traditional cigarette, and gives it’s user a smoke like vapor when puffed. That vapor contains Nicotine but doesn’t contain the harmful carcinogen ingredients of the traditional cigarette like tar and many other toxins.
All participating doctors have agreed publicly that e-cigarettes are a significantly less dangerous alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, and could act as a substance to overcome all the physical and psychological challenges

The study showed that:
6% of participants stopped within up to 14 days.
39% of participants have stopped smoking within next 6 weeks.
A total of 45% have stopped smoking totally within 8 weeks period with the aid of Electronic cigarette.
54% of all patients reported higher levels of general feeling and appearance.
Question: What was the main factor made stop smoking so hard?
49% -cravings to Nicotine.
24% - The smoking habit and the “game” around smoking.
27% - both the cravings and the “whole ceremony”

Dr Kishore Deva who also took part in the study is explaining the health benefit of the E-cigarette:
“The nicotine, present in E-cigarettes, is not responsible for the health risks that tobacco cigarettes hold”
Dr. Clifford Hulley, one of the participating medical professionals in the survey, states that "an e-cigarette is the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking".
In a former study, made by Dr. Murray Laugeson, head of research in the New Zealand FDA, was found that: “Electronic cigarettes are very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on all measurements.
Each puff from an E-cigarette contains very small amounts of Nicotine and propylene glycol; both are well known molecules totally safe when inhaled. The amount of Nicotine releases in every puff is equal to 1/3 of the amount a classic average cigarette.
Dr. Matt Salmon, Head of the Electronic Cigarette Association (Eca) in the USA, is saying: “the risk of illness and death from smoking related diseases is 99% smaller when smoking E-cigarette, then when smoking traditional tobacco cigarette. Tobacco cigarette smoking is responsible to over than 400,000 death cases a year, only in the U.S, more than car accidents, drugs, Aids, fires homicides and suicides all together.
Even if it was 50% safer – it could of saved around 200,000 Americans lives every year, now imagine the truth – it is 99% safer! It can save more than 390,000 people every year –
Amazing fact isn’t it?
Dr Clifford Hulley, one of the participating medical professionals in the survey, reported that "an e-cigarette is the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking".
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