eSmokerOnline Announces The Opening Of Their Orlando e Cig Store

Orlando Electronic Cigarette Store eSmoker Online has opened a new Orlando electronic cigarette store. The new Orlando e-cig store features all of their e-cigs, accessories, and refills available on their website at

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Orlando, FL – eSmoker Online is set to open an electronic cigarette store in Orlando. The store will sell all the e-cigs, refills, and accessories that were available at the company’s website. The opening of the brick & mortar store follows requests by Orlando residents who want to get their products without the hustle of online ordering and without waiting for mail delivery.

The store will be open from 10 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the evening from Monday to Friday and from 10 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the evening on Saturday. The store’s main product, e cig Orlando, is a smokeless cigarette. Tobacco smoking is associated with many diseases and conditions including cardiovascular diseases, ED problems, lung cancer, and throat cancer. Note that the e-cigs are not a nicotine replacement therapy. The e-cigs are meant for people who have unsuccessfully tried to quit in the past, for those who enjoy the smoking sensation, and for those who are not looking to quit smoking.

Customers can simply walk into the electronic cigarette store in Orlando to get an e-liquid refill in the quantity and composition desired. Most people go for 15 ml and 30 ml. The store will be selling various e-cig customizers and atomizers, e-cig cartridges, e-cig cases, drip tips, batteries, and e-cigarette chargers.

Pass-throughs can be purchased and charged through the USB port on the PC or laptop at the electronic cigarette store in Orlando. Directions and a map are available on the company’s official website.

About eSmoker Online: Esmokeronline offers e cig Orlando kits from different brands. They include Ovale Elips, Ovale Ego-C, Joye 510, Joye 510-T (Tank), Joye Ego, Joye Ego-T, Joye EgO XL (900 Mah), Joye Super EGO, Joye 302 (Penstyle), Joye 510 Mega Kit Series, Evolution-X Electronic Cigarette, Esmoker 510 Travel Kit, KR808D-1, E-Cigarette Starter Kits, and ES 400 (Esmoker 400). They also offer e-liquids (e juice Orlando) for refilling the kits, the main liquids being E-Liquid (15 ML) (PG), E-Liquid (15 ML) (VG), E-Liquid (30 ML)(PG), E-Liquid (30 ML)(VG), E-Liquid USA (10 Ml) (High Caliber), E-Liquid USA (30 Ml) (High Caliber), Esmoker E-liquids (15Ml), Esmoker E-Liquid (30Ml), and E-Liquid Sample Packs.

eSmokerOnline also features accessories and disposables with a 14-day return/refund policy on batteries, atomizers, and starter kits, but none on e juice Orlando.Gift certificates are available to surprise a friend or a relative who is a smoker. The store is based in Orlando, Florida and can be reached at

### Category – Tobacco Contacts: eSmoker Online Phone: 1-888-Joye-510 Phone Office: 407-574-3233 Address: 4919 South Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32806 Email: Website:

eSmokerOnline and eSmokerOnline Electronic Cigarette Store are your one-stop shop for all your e cigarette and e liquid needs in Orlando, FL and on the web at

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