PrimeVapor Changes The Look Of The Electronic Cigarette

This enhanced smoking alternative uses the latest e-cigarette technology giving the user more information for the ultimate smokeless cigarette experience.

Online PR News – 27-June-2012 – Pleasant Prairie, WI – American company, PrimeVapor, announced the release of a new electronic smokeless cigarette battery, the Chameleon. The Chameleon provides long-lasting smokeless cigarette energy with their exclusive Smart Charge system, a first for a standard sized battery.

Sold exclusively through PrimeVapor, the Chameleon informs users of the amount of battery left with a changing LED light. The color changes from blue at a full charge to green, yellow and finally red as it reaches 25 percent and lower.

"Our customers have told us that they never want to be caught with a dead e-cigarette battery when they leave the house," said Bill Fischer, president of PrimeVapor. "The Chameleon displays its charge state every time it is used."

The Chameleon displays its charge state every time it is used

This battery uses the latest in protected lithium-ion battery technology that is designed to look good as well as perform at a high level.

"The Chameleon battery is a dependable, smaller unit with all the features of our Saturn oversized e-cigarette allowing users to feel natural while vaping," said Jon Skovronski, head of product development at PrimeVapor. "With the hours of usage from the powerful battery in the smaller case, electronic cigarette users are able to worry less about charging and have more time to enjoy their smokeless cigarettes. The Chameleon electronic cigarette is designed to feel like a traditional cigarette, giving users more freedom to vape naturally and almost anywhere they go."

The full PrimeVapor line of smokeless cigarette batteries includes seven others. Colors range from white, black, silver and blue. Batteries for smokeless cigarettes also have two options, manual and automatic.

Aside from superior electronic cigarette batteries, PrimeVapor also creates and distributes all of the company’s 17 unique flavors and a full line of accessories. All can only be bought exclusively through PrimeVapor at

About PrimeVapor:

PrimeVapor is a manufacturer and distributor of quality electronic cigarettes supplies and equipment. With quality vapor and flavor cartridges, the company has developed an e-cigarette system that offers an alternative to traditional tobacco for smokers who want the ultimate smoking experience without the smoke, smell and tar.

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