The New Purse Hanger TheHookUp Offers Unsurpassed Quality And Elegance To The Purse Hanger Market
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Farvardin Fathi
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August 1, 2012 - Introducing TheHookUp (, a new product being offered in the purse hanger market.

Online PR News – 01-August-2012 –August 1, 2012 - Introducing TheHookUp (, a new product being offered in the purse hanger market. TheHookUp is a lightweight purse hanger (weighing only 1.4 oz) made from quality metal that is able to support up to 30 pounds of handbag weight. When closed, TheHookUp takes the shape of a heart and is placed as an accessory on one’s purse. With a simple twist, the product takes the shape of a “S” and allows for your bag to hang flawlessly from just about any surface. TheHookUp works to embellish one’s bag while simultaneously solving the problem of bag placement.

This innovative purse hanger serves as a sturdy hanger in a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, theatre, lecture hall, or restroom when there are no hooks available. TheHookUp is so versatile that it can even hang over the door handle in a car or taxi, preventing the contents of your bag from spilling out during a sudden stop or turn.

TheHookUp comes in a complimentary silk-lined microfiber pouch. This protective pouch also doubles as a polisher for your TheHookUp and can be used to clean other surfaces as well (eyeglasses, phone screen, etc.).

TheHookUp is currently sold exclusively online via the company’s website ( and is available in platinum, gold plated, or black pearl.

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