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Pat Croce's Pirate Handbook, the definitive "how-to" guide to becoming a real pirate, has thrilled readers with its true-to-life tricks of the pirating trade, from how to make a seaworthy raft to surviving a duel. This month, the e-book is featured as an Amazon Big Deal!

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – St. Augustine, FL – Since its August 2011 release, Pat Croce's Pirate Handbook--the definitive "how-to" guide to becoming a real pirate--has thrilled readers with its true-to-life tricks of the pirating trade, from how to make a seaworthy raft to surviving a duel.

This month, the e-book edition of The Pirate Handbook was selected by Kindle editors from among major and participating publishers to be featured as an Amazon Big Deal. From Aug. 11 through Aug. 23, this rare and visually stunning e-book volume penned by New York Times bestselling author and pirate historian Croce is available for just $1.99 on Amazon -- almost 90% off the price of a hardcover in-store!

Inspired by the cutthroat and scurrilous crews of the Golden Age of Piracy (1690-1730) and after four years of diligent research into the depths of piracy, Croce's book delves into the pirate lifestyle. Do you know how to throw a dagger, fire a cannon or capture a ship? Can you look Death in the eyes and live to tell the tale? It's all possible with The Pirate Handbook.

On the Ship: Measure speed using a chip log, calibrate depth with a lead line, remove barnacles and master six crucial knots.

In the Crew: Dress the part, sign the 11 Pirate Articles, learn the pirate song.

In the Galley: Cure/salt meat and fish, make hard tack biscuits and bone soup, and brew potent drinks.

On the Land: Build an island lean-to, make a hammock, create fire with a spindle & bow, make snares and traps.

The Handbook also includes excerpts from actual historical pirate logbooks, and numerous illustrations, sidebars, and tips.
Copies of The Pirate Handbook, personally autographed by Pat Croce, are also available online at The Pirate Museum's Treasure Shoppe and at the museum. Additional copies can be found at major booksellers nationwide.


Launched in December 2010, the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum has one of the world’s largest collections of authentic pirate artifacts dating back to the 16th century. Originally located in downtown Key West, founder Pat Croce moved the museum to historic St. Augustine where pirates once plundered. With a fun mix of authentic artifacts, state-of-the-art interactive technology and real Florida treasures, The Pirate Museum has been rated as a top national attraction by the prestigious Budget Travel magazine.

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