Bulk Social Promotion Launched As A Complete Social Media Reseller

Many small businesses are starting to look for social media promotion buying Twitter followers as a new way of seeking popularity among their audience and to look influential in front of competitors.

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 –The purchase of Twitter followers might perhaps be the worse kept secret in the Twitter space, this self-sufficient universe formed around Twitter: That friend who brags about having 10k or even 100,000 Twitter followers may not have earned them through hard work and social relationships; It's pretty sure that he or she might of have bought them.

And recently this is not only a practice of ego-driven bloggers. It is widely known that well known celebrities, politicians, emerging companies, aspiring music stars, the candidates of the reality shows - any that could benefit from having a large footprint in social media - can buy large packages of Twitter followers without even having to give their passwords out.

John Pueblo, the founder of a well known SEO Firm in Orlando, Florida, said that they have purchased more than one million followers for their clients within the past 2 weeks from BulkSocialPromotion.com

The practice of purchasing Twitter followers is surprisingly easy. A simple Google search of 'buy Twitter followers' offers dozens of Internet sites such as BulkSocialPromotion.com, AddTwitter-Followers.com and SocialMedia-Combo.com that sells Twitter followers by the thousands, YouTube Views and Facebook Likes. In BulkSocialPromotion.com, for example, users simply enter their Twitter username after choosing their desired package and watch the ranks of their followers grow in two or three days.

John Pueblo, the founder of a well known SEO Firm in Orlando, Florida, said that they have purchased more than one million targeted and untargeted followers for their clients within the past 2 weeks from BulkSocialPromotion.com, which includes musicians, fledgling firms and an actress that declined to identify.

AND it is very cheap in addition', he said. In one case, said Pueblo, bought 50,000 followers for $225.00, for less than a penny each.

The Bulk Social Promotion site, a site dedicated to sell social media services at bulk prices, claims that their (SMO) social media optimization services are great for long term SEO efforts as well as SEO rankings and one can buy targeted twitter followers, Facebook Likes for as low as $19.00 USD, Youtube Views and Google Plus ones at bulk prices saving big dollars.

However, added Pueblo, "the practice of people buying Twitter followers has become so widespread that many of our clients are starting to ask more for targeted Twitter followers because they understand that there is no risk of your account being banned like it happens with so many other services and with targeted followers clients are also able to interact with their followers in real time".

The New York Times, meanwhile, also states that Twitter followers can be purchased online to boost a public figure or company's popularity.

Social media reselling websites like BulkSocialPromotion.com have well helped 1000's of satisfied business owners, artists, and customers attract hundreds of thousands of followers by zeroing in highly profile Twitter users. Counting large marketing firms and well-known brands and artists amongst its regular clients, this company has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing websites on the net and a safe place where one can buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes at bulk prices.

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