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Brothers Plumbing is providing their vaunted Customer Value Protection Plan (CVPP) as part of their commitment to quality service.

Online PR News – 21-September-2012 – Toronto, Ontario – Toronto, Ontario (August 29, 2012) - Brothers Plumbing is providing their vaunted Customer Value Protection Plan (CVPP) as part of their commitment to quality service. Brothers Plumbing stands out from other plumbing companies in Toronto by offering their CVPP to look after their customers’ welfare.

The CVPP gives eight benefits to choosing Brothers Plumbing among the various plumbing contractors Toronto has. Brothers Plumbing’s CVPP brings peace of mind via automatic inspection of your water heaters and fixtures to ensure trouble free efficiency and peak performance.

Brothers Plumbing’s CVPP also provides competent experts and a priority plumbing service Toronto customers can rely on. Their competent and trained group of experts looks after customers’ plumbing fixtures and brings increased plumbing reliability whenever needed.

Unlike other plumbing companies in Toronto, customers also avail of the CVPP’s price protection. Brothers Plumbing doesn’t raise agreement prices during the effective date, nor do they raise prices for subsequent renewal periods without notifying customers first. This price protection also gives service customers can trust, more so using a licensed and insured provider like Brothers Plumbing.

Brothers Plumbing’s CVPP commits them to conduct periodic inspections, something not many plumbing contractors in Toronto do. Brothers Plumbing’s periodic inspections can detect possible problems before they happen, reducing emergency calls and saving customers from major repair bills.

Two other benefits to availing of Brothers Plumbing’s CVPP include documented history and name transfers. Brothers Plumbing maintains complete records and provides written reports after completing any plumbing service in Toronto. Moreover, their CVPP is transferrable to new property or new owners if the property changes hands.

Brothers Plumbing makes their CVPP available online for customers to see. Read more at

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Since 1963, Brothers Plumbing has been a reliable one-stop source for trusted plumbing services for residential and commercial customers. They also handle drainage, hot water heating systems, waterproofing and kitchen and bath remodelling for homes and businesses.

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