Kenneth Ferguson Receives First Place Watercolor Award at 2012 Naperville Riverwalk Fine Art Fair
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Kenneth Ferguson
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Watercolor painter Kenneth Ferguson was awarded First Place for Watercolor at the 2012 Naperville Riverwalk Fine Art Fair. Awards were presented on Sunday, September 16.

Online PR News – 21-September-2012 – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – Watercolor painter Kenneth Ferguson ( was awarded First Place for Watercolor at the 2012 Naperville Riverwalk Fine Art Fair. Awards were presented on Sunday, September 16.

The Naperville Riverwalk Fine Art Fair, put on by the Naperville Art League (, is a competitive juried invitational art exhibit with a focus on one-of-a-kind, original art work. "The Riverwalk Fine Art Fair consistently ranks in the top 50 art fairs in the country and draws artists from both coasts, said Mr. Ferguson. It was an honor being singled out for the First Place Watercolor Award from among the talented painters who participated in the show this year. Ferguson has received several awards for his work in 2012 ( including an Award of Excellence for Painting at the highly regarded Geneva Arts Fair in Geneva, Illinois.

Ferguson is a full-time, professional artist currently residing in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Ferguson describes himself as a historical figurative painter and enjoys bringing "life to history" with his detailed, historically accurate portrayals of the original inhabitants of the North American continent. "Whether the subject is an ancient Puebloan of the American Southwest or a Dog Soldier of the Southern Cheyenne," said Ferguson, "the unifying element in my work is my lifelong interest in the life ways and material culture of this land's First People." Ferguson also enjoys depicting the world around him with his "Wee Beasties" series of small paintings of birds, mammals and other subjects from nature.

Ferguson, who graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.F.A. in Illustration in 1981, embraces watercolor as his preferred medium. Collectors and critics appreciate his highly detailed, intensely color saturated painting style. I often push the medium to its limits, noted the artist. But Im always careful not to sacrifice the translucent qualities inherent in the pigment. This means a laborious glazing process for which there are really no shortcuts; however, the richness and vibrancy I achieve is worth the time taken.

Kenneth Ferguson's paintings ( reflect a distinctive approach to watercolor. From the early years of his career, Ken exhibited an interest in pushing the boundaries of this medium, most often known for its spontaneous washes and atmospheric qualities. In doing so, he has developed a technique that is a blend of both contemporary and Victorian approaches to watercolor painting. Ken's style is the result of a time-consuming method that involves multiple overlays of controlled washes along with dry brush and splatter. Combined, these elements give his original paintings a rich color and pigment saturation seldom achieved in this difficult medium.

Ken currently resides with his wife Diana in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where in addition to painting and doing historical research, he enjoys exploring the region's natural beauty.

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