Electronic Cigarette Website Is Giving Away $5.00 To 50 New Customers

SmokePower.com a leading online retailer of e-cigarettes is offering a terrific incentive of $5.00 store credit to the next 50 new customers.The online website is already saving all customers 10% on all purchases.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – SmokePower.com offers a terrific incentive of $5.00 instant store credit to the next 50 new customers. The popular e-cigarette online website is already. You will also get Free USPS Shipping on all products. No other electronic cigarette website offers this.
http://SmokePower.com also has 5 STAR feedback from many of its customers on its products and service. Which is probably the most important thing to a companies longevity. The new electronic cigarette product line at SmokePower.com seems to be doing all the right things due to this amazing quality and value.

The electronic cigarette also called the e-cigarette was designed to be a convenient and safer way to smoke. This alternative smoking idea has been perfected over recent years. The modern Smoke Power Pro electronic cigarette uses a high performance rechargeable battery, atomizer, LED tip and cartridge.

The battery is the main body of the cigarette. Batteries can measure anything in size from a traditional cigarette up to the length of a pen. Weight also varies from manufacturer, as does battery quality. The high quality performance batteries supplied by SmokePower.com last a full day off a full charge under normal use. These are one of the longest life batteries available.

The atomizer heats the nicotine in the cartridge, which allows the vapor to emit when inhaled. The LED glows to show the electronic cigarette is in use. The special patented cartridges by http://SmokePower.com come in traditional tobacco and menthol flavors to represent a real smoking experience. A lot of vapor and satisfaction per customer reports on http://www.smokepower.com. Take a look under customer reviews online. They also offer new e-liquid as well in 30ml bottles in high and low nicotine flavors.

Electronic cigarettes are not advertised or intended for use as a cessation - stop smoking -device. The e-cigarette is a leisure-smoking product. Smoking an electronic cigarette is a safer way to enjoy the smoking habit and get the nicotine rush without tobacco toxins. However, many smokers are turning to the http://SmokePower.com electronic cigarette in place of tobacco as a form of quitting smoking.

There are no odors or tobacco smells and there is no passive smoking with the electronic cigarette. A smooth and slightly sweet vaporized mist is visible when used. This mist vanishes within seconds - no lingering smell or visible smoke. The electronic cigarette is not banned under any current USA Laws, which prohibits smoking in public indoor places, at work and in company vehicles. It is legal to enjoy a Smoke Power Pro electronic cigarette anywhere in the USA even in the office.

The Smoke Power Pro Compact is a popular sale item with the great quality compact carry case all in one starter kit with 8 cartridges,2 rechargeable batteries,1 atomizer and 1 USB charger. A super convenient way to carry all you need. The case fits in any pocket or purse easily. Customer report "Other companies charge way to much for there kits compared to SmokePower.com and are no where near the quality!"

That's just the another great 5 Star feedback customers are giving Smoke Power Inc.

The Smoke Power Pack is also a big seller all in one starter kit that include a cool built in charger right in the pack. It comes with 7 Cartridges,1 Atomizer,1 Rechargeable Battery, with the wall charger built in. Tracy Krause of Dallas TX said "I smoked for 30 years and now I'm almost to no cigarettes per day thanks to my electronic cigarette pack from SP. It looks like a pack of cigs and its a all in one kit which I love!"

The Smoke Power Ultra Complete Kit is truly a super amazing value. Compare this kit to any other electronic cigarette offer out there and you will see why SmokePower.com is getting such great reviews. The Ultra comes with a Smoke Power Pro Compact with 10 Cartridges and 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Atomizer, 1 USB,1 Wall Charger and 1 Car Charger. That is an amazing value! Only $71.99 which includes the 10% discount! Regular Price is $79.99

Smoke Power Inc could charge triple that but it doesn't.
Penn Mason CEO of Smoke Power Inc said: "Our product quality is hands down one of the best in the electronic cigarette market". "This is why we stand apart from many of the other companies in this business". "We are proud to offer great value and excellent customer service as well."

If your looking for a electronic cigarette that stands out in a vast sea of many. Look to SmokePower.com to take care of all your electronic cigarette needs. With great value and quality not to mention a awesome vapor producing e-cigarettes your will be fully satisfied. Free shipping plus a 10% discount in the USA for a limited time! We think SmokePower.com is doing all the right things to keep all there customer very happy. Great Customer ratings! http://www.smokepower.com

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