The Madrid Law Firm Excels in Dealing with DWI Cases in the Houston Region

The Madrid law firm has been a pioneer in the criminal defense space and is known to be one of the best Law firms in the Houston region.

Online PR News – 08-October-2012 – Houston, Texas – The Madrid Law Firm, a well known and prominent Houston-based law firm, is known for its excellence in dealing with criminal defense space and it tops in handling Drinking While Intoxicated cases. The Madrid criminal defense firm is one of the most reliable and trusted law firms in the Houston region and has been catering to the legal service needs in the region. The firm offers a wide array of services including arson, drug crimes, felony charges, kidnapping, theft, assault and murder. The Madrid has been successful in dealing with DWI cases.

The number of drunken driving cases is on a constant rise in the past few years and the Texas government has always maintained a strict stance when it comes to drinking while driving cases. Those who are caught under the drunken driving case needs to meet up with strict process and procedures. Usually, the driving license will be cancelled immediately upon identifying that the person has drunk above the allowed scale and is not fit to be on the roads.

Facing the long and tedious process that one need to undergo as a consequence to drunken driving case is quite difficult and tedious to handle all alone. With the help of professional service like that of The Madrid Law Firm, one can easily get past the rigorous procedures. Mario Madrid, a famous Houston criminal defense attorney, is the one who heads the firm and has over 15 years of experience in dealing with criminal offense cases successfully. He is recognized both local as well as national abogado en Houston for his contribution in the criminal defense space. The Houston DWI attorney helps one through clearing the records, facing the procedures and getting back the driving license with ease.

John Smith, one of Madrid’s clients, says, “The Madrid law firm stands first when it comes to dealing with criminal offenses. They know the rules of the game perfectly and get one out of legal troubles with ease.”

Top notch Law Firm, The Madrid Law Firm excels in the criminal defense area and specializes in dealing with Driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases. The Madrid law firm has been a pioneer in the criminal defense space and is known to be one of the best Law firms in the Houston region. The Law firm has been successful dealing with several DWI cases so far.

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