SF Doctor Says Testosterone Therapy Treats The Real Cause Of Low Libido

Dr. Karron Power explains how low testosterone levels can play havoc with a man’s confidence, attitude and his sex life. “Whether it’s called andropause or ‘manopuse’, testosterone deficiency can cause the male psyche and physique to go haywire,” she says.

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 –San Francisco, CA - Dr. Karron Power, a preventive medicine specialist says that men come to her complaining that they’ve lost their edge - in their love lives, attitudes and in their careers. “Lost it all, because they've lost much of their testosterone,” she says. Dr. Power says her husband, Oliver was one of those men.

"Beginning around 40 I started to experience a worsening mental and physical decline," says Oliver. "My energy levels dropped substantially, and I was losing interest in doing the things I used to enjoy. I gained weight, even though I still forced myself to go to the gym three times a week. I was sleeping more, but feeling less rested. I developed aches and pains that bothered me all day long, and I lost interest in family activities. I became easily irritated, was unresponsive emotionally and my libido sagged. I started drinking more and I was overwhelmed with running my business." 

The severe change in Oliver’s mental state almost cost Dr. Power her marriage. "Oliver’s problem really came to a head when he got his own apartment," she says. A blood test showed that he had the testosterone level of a 70-year old.

Dr. Karron Power, a preventive medicine specialist says that men come to her complaining that they’ve lost their edge

Dr. Power, Oliver and several other men are shown in this ABC News story on testosterone replacement therapy.

"Testosterone levels start to diminish for most men as early as their later 20’s and early 30's,” says Dr. Power. "By age 50 many men have suboptimal levels of testosterone. However, they usually don't notice the changes in their attitude, mood, libido or other symptoms until they are down to about half of their optimal range.”

"The ‘Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male' (ADAM) questionnaire can determine if a man has symptoms of low testosterone, says Dr. Power. “If he does, he should undergo appropriate blood tests,” she says. “A man can have so-called ‘normal’ test results for total testosterone and still have a deficiency, because testosterone may be bound to a compound called sex hormone binding globulin, so only a small percentage of testosterone reaches the cells, according to Dr. Power. Tests can be done to measure total testosterone and free (unbound) testosterone.

Men inject themselves twice a week with testosterone under Dr. Power’s care. Patients say they saw ta return of heir energy levels, they lost weight, are sleeping better and have increased sex drives. Dr. Power says that she ensures that each new patient is fully informed of the risks and potential side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. “Patients should be carefully monitored for best results.Testosterone is a very powerful tool," says Dr. Power. “I take a conservative approach and if a patient is doing well his testosterone levels can be adjusted if appropriate.”

"It's not a magic bullet,” says Oliver. “I still have to eat right, exercise and take care of myself. But it’s like I finally got my mojo back.”

Karron Power, MD, is founder of the The Youth Renewal Center and creator of the Peak Performance for Men Program. Offices are located in Marin County, CA, San Francisco and soon in Los Angeles. Visit www.youthrenewalcenter.com or call (415) 785-7995.

About Dr. Power:
Karron Power, MD, MPH is board certified under the American Board of Preventive Medicine and is a board diplomat with the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She is a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the International Hormone Society, the California Academy of Preventive Medicine, and the American Medical Association. 

Dr. Power graduated from UCSF Medical School and earned a Master’s degree in Public Health with an Environmental Health focus from UC Berkeley. Dr. Power has internship, residency, and fellowship training in Internal Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

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