Precision Processing with JK Lasersí 400W Fiber Laser
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Medium powered fiber lasers such as JK Lasersí 400W continuous wave (CW) fiber laser (JK400FL) are well suited to precision processing components.

Online PR News – 20-October-2012 – Birmingham – Medium powered fiber lasers such as JK Lasersí 400W continuous wave (CW) fiber laser (JK400FL) are well suited to precision processing components.
Compared to the companyís lower powered fiber lasers, the JK400FL is capable of cutting and welding thicker materials at faster speeds. These enhancements mean the JK400FL is a highly efficient machine that helps to save time and associated manufacturing costs.
Applications laboratory analysis reveals that the JK400FL delivers superior performance over traditional laser processing with increased cut quality and speed, lower dross levels and smooth spatter-free welds.
The stable single resonator and built-in pulse shaping capabilities are other features that make this laser stand out from the crowd. Despite the increased power, JK Lasers has kept the JK400FL compact and simple. The absence of free space optics means there is a little or no maintenance required.
The JK400FL brings exciting new power levels to the JK Fiber Laser range. Using the same single resonator platform as the rest of the range ensures a more rugged design than the use of amplifier stages to increase the CW power level.
The single mode output fibre delivers a near diffraction limited beam that is consistent and stable across the whole power range. At maximum power, wall plug efficiencies are better than 25%, for economic operation and low environmental impact.
In addition to the new features, this higher powered laser incorporates all the attributes synonymous with the JK Fiber Laser Range. Its patented, in-built back reflection protection ensures the laser can process highly reflective materials such as copper, gold and aluminium, without the need for a separate, costly Faraday isolator.
The fully integrated, proprietary Graphical User Interface (GUI) control software and customisable machine-control interface makes the laser easy to install. It also gives the user full control over the laserís power and modulation pulse shapes.
In addition, JK Lasers has developed a range of laser welding and cutting process heads - complete with viewing options - that are specially optimised for the JK Fiber Laser range.

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