Heating a Pool without a Solar Pool Cover
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Homeowners often get weary of heating a pool using a solar pool cover. Itís true, pool covers reduce swimming pool heating costs, but they are a chore to use and to keep clean.

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – QLD – EvoHeat, a leading manufacturer of efficient and affordable pool heating systems, make heating pool a lot easier for homeowners. The costs of operating a propane or gas powered heater 24 hours a day becomes cost prohibitive for most people. Burning all that fossil fuel isnít an environmental step forward. Plus, the exhaust fumes are not pleasant at all. Using Evoheatís DHP Range Premium Domestic Pool Heater allows pool owners to bump up the pool thermostat and toss out that old solar pool cover.

One of the big nuisances of heating a pool is trying to keep the water temperature high enough to enjoy the pool during cooler hours of the day and even extend the swimming season beyond the summer months. EvoHeat has made it possible to keep pools at a comfortable 30 degrees C all day long even when external temperatures start to dip into the freezing zone. In fact, the DHP Range can extend your swimming season by keeping pool water comfortable all year-round.

According to EvoHeatís spokesperson, homeowners who have an 80,000-litre pool can experience costs savings in excess of $6500 a year while heating a pool to 30 degrees C when compared to costs using gas to fuel the pool heater. Swimmers who dislike having to wait for a pool to warm up to a comfortable temperature appreciate the DHPís Constant Temperature Control (CTC). The CTC automatically switches from Heat to Cool mode (or vice versa) to keep pool water at a constant temperature. That temperature can be set once and never requires changing in order to compensate for outdoor temperature fluctuations.

EvoHeat offers similar superior design for heating a pool in a commercial setting such as in hotels, swim parks and training centres. The savings for homeowners and businesses is significant and actually pays for the solution in a very short timeframe.

To find out if an EvoHeats DHP is just what you need for heating a pool, visit their website at Evoheat.com or call them directly at +61 (07) 3162 2213.

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