'Career Extension Plastic Surgery' Helps Some Celebrities, Says Dr. Richard Ellenbogen

A leading Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon says many celebrities could help extend their careers with the right cosmetic procedures.

Online PR News – 17-May-2013 –Beverly Hills, CA - "Beauty and youth are bankable traits, especially in Hollywood," says Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. “Successful actresses and actors can earn millions from a single role, so there is a powerful incentive to keep looking good as long as possible,’” he says. "That’s why I’m performing more of what I call Career Extension Plastic Surgery."

So what is it worth for an actress or actor to work for another decade? “Potentially millions,” says Dr. Ellenbogen. “Everyone wants to look as young and attractive as possible, no matter what they do for a living,” he says. “The pressures are  particularly intense for those in high-profile careers. In the entertainment industry, maintaining one’s appearance can help in winning the next big role,” he says. “With the appropriate cosmetic procedures, we can enhance and extend a person’s youthful appearance. The key is to retain a natural look for the patient whether I’m performing a face lift, a neck lift or a rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Ellenbogen, who is no stranger to the spotlight himself - he was one of the original doctors featured on the hit TV show Dr. 90210 and he has appeared on most of the other top-rated national shows from “Entertainment Tonight” to “Oprah,” who called him ”Hollywood’s Answer To Aging.” Over the years he has acquired a large number of celebrity clientele.

Dr. Ellenbogen is browsing through an online website featuring “Then and Now” celebrity photos. He says many of them could greatly improve his or her appearance with specific cosmetic procedures. “Beauty is partly a science,” he says. “A symmetrical face is considered to be more attractive. The aging process can shift volume from the mid-face down to the lower face and neck, resulting in a tired, older appearance,” says Dr. Ellenbogen, who has authored two textbook chapters on how to avoid the “done” look.

Another marker of aging concerns the eyes. says Dr. Ellenbogen. “Full, youthful contours between the upper eyelids & brows are a characteristic of youth and beauty seen in many of the world's most beautiful actresses and models. The most youth restorative procedure in my opinion is to fill in deep upper eyelids with fat grafting. Consider the most beautiful actresses and models who appear on the covers of top magazines," he says. "Virtually every one of these women, regardless of age or ethnicity have fullness in the areas between the upper eyelids and the brows.” Dr. Ellenbogen lists Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and Natalie Portman as a few contemporary examples. He says that classic film goddesses like Marylin Monroe and Kim Novak also had this facial trait. “This is considered a standard of beauty and youth that makes a woman look more attractive and alluring,” he says.  

Dr. Ellenbogen loads a few of the “Then and Now” celebrity photos into his computer imaging system and goes to work, refining each face and taking the years away in a preview of what could be done. Jawlines are tightened, facial volume is restored and noses regain their youthful appearance. But in each case, Dr. Ellenbogen concentrates on retaining natural features. “After a cosmetic procedure, we want our patients to look like the same person, only younger,” he says. And, if looking younger can keep a career humming along, all the better, he says. “I know we can extend and enhance a person’s youthful appearance,” he says. “I’ll be here when they need me.”

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About Dr. Ellenbogen:
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with a career spanning more than 30 years, during which time he has acquired a large number of celebrity clientele.

He is the Director of a prestigious post-graduate training program and a visiting professor in South Africa, where he helps other surgeons advance their skills. Dr. Ellenbogen is a Fellow of the American and International College of Surgeons and has been featured as "One of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America," by Town and Country magazine.

Dr. Ellenbogen is considered an innovator in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty techniques, facial fat grafting, underarm/axillary breast augmentation and volumetric facelift procedures. Dr. Ellenbogen is regarded as one of the top rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and facelift facial surgeons in the world by his peers. He has won numerous awards for his leading-edge techniques, which have been adopted by plastic surgeons worldwide.

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