Dzine It Announces Important SEO Steps for Early Website Development

Award winning New York-based website marketing expert says that website owners should be thinking about content marketing strategies throughout the early stages of their website development process.

Online PR News – 03-December-2013 –While many website owners hire a website design and development firm to create their business’s web presence, and then hire a separate firm to handle its content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc. (, a leading New York website development and Internet marketing firm, says that SEO needs to be considered from “start to finish” and it is best to have all of the work done under one roof.

“When you work with a website development firm that can integrate all of the necessary elements of an online presence, you come out with a much cleaner and successful finished product,” says Crisafi. “It is important that a website’s designers, coders, content editors and social media marketing managers are working together toward one goal – to create an organic, search engine-friendly web presence.”

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Most website owners don’t recognize the importance of a singular focus toward search engine optimization within every stage of a website’s design and development, Crisafi explains. However, he says that keeping one’s eye on SEO, throughout the process, is a sure-fire way to get positive results.

“The development of a website typically begins with a site map, which can be quite complex, particularly if a developer maintains a focus on SEO,” says Crisafi. “There is so much to consider in this phase, including consumer and competitor research, the website’s objectives, and much more.”

Once the sitemap has been created, Crisafi says that website developers typically conduct another round of keyword research, only in a more focused manner than before. The research typically results in the content that will appear on the website.

“It is incredibly important to create content that is not only search engine-friendly, but provides clear, solid information that your users are looking for,” Crisafi explains. “There has to be a delicate balance between providing excellent content and focusing on optimization.”

Concentrating on SEO during these early stages of development, according to Crisafi, is the key to a successful web presence through content marketing optimization.

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