Waterfront Contract, Employment, IT and IP Solicitors offer Santa legal advice for Christmas

Waterfront employment, IT and IP Solicitors have offered Santa contract, employment and intellectual property advice to help him deliver all his presents by midnight Christmas Eve.

Online PR News – 05-December-2013 –The London-based boutique law firm has some tips for Santa on getting the most from his present suppliers, if his elves fall short. There’s also some guidance on making sure he has the intellectual property rights for his state-of-the-art sack and sleigh technology.

As commercial contracts and IT law solicitor, Jean-Marc Pettigrew points out, “Santa’s bottomless sack is a pretty impressive piece of kit. It’s small enough to fit in the sleigh, but has the capacity to fit 6 billion presents. The sleigh is no less impressive. It can travel at the speed of light and land safely on the smallest rooftops.”

Santa also needs to look after his elves by making sure their rights and responsibilities are set out in employment contracts. In the last few weeks before Christmas, Santa might even need some freelance elves to help meet demand. Without written contracts which set out the work the elves need to complete, delivery dates, intellectual property rights and responsibility for tax liability, Santa could fall foul of HMRC.

And although it’s the season of goodwill, what happens if the parent of an inconsolable child decides to take legal action against Santa if he doesn’t deliver the presents on time? Waterfront has given Santa some advice about the Distance Selling Regulations so he complies with consumer rights legislation.

Waterfront’s legal guide for Santa ends with an appeal: “Santa, if you’re out there, give the commercial contracts team at Waterfront Solicitors a call on 020 7234 0200 or email info@waterfrontsolicitors.com.”

Alternatively Santa could visit the website for advice from top employment solicitors in London.

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