Eckankar News: New Book—How to Get Your Own Proof of Heaven

Eckankar announces a new book that answers key questions and validates spiritual experiences. Author Anne Archer Butcher shares edge-of-your-seat details about daily miracles, out-of-body experiences, and how inner guidance has saved her life.

Online PR News – 07-December-2013 –According to a 2011 Gallup poll, four out of five Americans believe in heaven, but where’s the proof of life after death?

In her new book published by Eckankar, Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright, Anne Archer Butcher shares how she was cast out of her body in a head-on auto collision: “As I drifted above the wreckage, I felt a question arise from within: Would it be possible to stay alive--live life on earth with my beautiful daughter--and still know this freedom and amazing sense of exhilaration and joy?”

Floating above the gruesome scene, she felt serene, detached. Then, suddenly, an inner voice directed her to return to her body below. Determined to do so, she declared, “I will not be dead! . . . I want to live!’”

Anne Archer Butcher, award-winning producer and writer, wife and mother, explains how you don’t need to be a saint or a prophet to hear the voice of God or incorporate inner guidance into your life. She says this guidance is an exceptional spiritual tool that opens the door of the heart to divine assistance, like having the wisest person in the world at your shoulder, helping with every decision.

“That’s why I wrote this book,” she continues, “--to show how I learned about inner guidance through the fascinating teachings of Eckankar. . . .

“The stories in this book are from my own personal exploration of inner guidance. I offer them in the hope they will show you the way to your own stories, your own realizations of the wealth of guidance and direction in your life.”

Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright (ISBN 978-1-57043-385-6) is available at your favorite bookstore or online bookseller, or directly from Eckankar. For more info, go to Inner Guidance Book.

About Eckankar
Eckankar is a nonprofit religious organization and church with members in over one hundred countries. The spiritual home of Eckankar is the Temple of ECK in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Eckankar is not affiliated with any other religious group. Its purpose is to help individuals find their way back to God through direct, personal spiritual experiences. The word Eckankar means “Co-worker with God.” Eckankar teaches simple spiritual exercises, such as singing HU, to experience the Light and Sound of God and recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit. A modern-day religion with ancient roots, Eckankar was reintroduced in 1965. Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is the spiritual leader of Eckankar today.

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