Online School Launches 'Be In Your Heart' Training for Expansion of Our Heart of Compassion

The 'Be In Your Heart' training is designed to help each student find ways to bring greater compassionate energy flow and love to their life, as well as learning how to bring compassionate energy into difficult relationships at home, work or in the greater community.

Online PR News – 12-December-2013 –Cheryl Driskell, President/CEO at the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development (CSNSD), knows that learning to ‘Be In Your Heart’ more and more is the best and bravest decision a person will ever make. In this way so many positive experiences and future opportunities are put into action, those seen and not yet seen.

This work was inspired by the great teacher and world leader Mahatma Gandhi, who told us that if we were to change the world, that we surely have to ‘Become That Change’ in order to be a part of making the greater difference in support of all human beings. The ‘Be In Your Heart’ Online Training Program is a highly motivating awareness program for personal development, and there has been nothing like it until now.

The ‘Be In Your Heart’ Training Program is easily accessible over the internet and a welcome relief to people who haven’t yet found the best source to nurture their heart of compassion, effectively creating better relationships with everyone they encounter. Each personal change and resulting higher awareness, changes the world community through the individuals own new perspectives and compassionate actions.

By utilizing the amazing and sustainable energy of compassion, each person can create new positive pathways for themself and everyone else! They can also develop simple energy strategies to realign themself with their compassionate intentions towards positive and sustainable loving outcomes.

Cheryl Driskell explains, “Life is a Universal Energy Balancing Act. We are all working together at an energy level to make life flow well for everybody. But to participate in this consciously is the key to having a life that is ‘awesome’, well beyond the suffering we see around the world. The best part is that if the student uses their heart of compassion in all that they do, they not only change themself for the best, but they change everything around them too. They make positive life changes, knowing full well that they are also making the world a better place!”

They only have to choose to BELIEVE THAT LIFE CAN BE AWESOME, filled with love and compassion to see just how often they are actually being guided to greater opportunities and loving experiences that can bring about happiness for themself and the happiness of so many others.

Ms. Driskell says that, “This course can very specifically help the individual change their own energy patterns, to bring positive change to their home or professional environment and associated outcomes. By utilizing the amazing sustainable compassionate energy around them and through them, they can create new positive pathways for themself and everyone else! The student can also develop simple energy strategies to realign with their compassionate intentions towards positive and sustainable loving outcomes.”

The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development believes that self-awareness, and opportunities to raise individual consciousness and accelerate spiritual growth will assist us in living with joy. The CSNSD Courses are created to inspire each person to seek the answers within and radiate out love and acceptance, leading to greater peace overall. Each student is supported in embracing and exceling in expansion of their heart of compassion.

Through the ‘Be In Your Heart’ Light Training Modules, each student learns… How to cultivate the Heart of Compassion and the scientific theories that support this purpose, the Heart Light Technique, the Halo Light Technique for abundance and excelling relationships, the Surrender of ‘Being’, Heart Energy and Balance, the Understanding of Greater Life Flow, Release of Emotions Techniques, How to go from Reactivity to Responsiveness, Compassionate Heart-Felt Listening and more…

The first module can be experienced for only $8.99. The additional five modules are also being kept at the low fee of $75 so that many people can have the wonderful experience of the ‘Be In Your Heart’ Online Training Program. The additional modules include quizzes, to be completed if the student wants to complete their training with a certificate.

Ms. Driskell adds, “Our courses can be taken by anyone in the world, we are open to International Students and are excited about sharing the wisdom of our courses with individuals beyond our country`s borders. ”

Our one of a kind spiritual development course was written by Author and CSNSD President/CEO, Cheryl Jiala Driskell. The ‘Be in Your Heart,’ Light Training Program is joining the school online this December 11, 2013. For further information about this course and others, please visit our website.

The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development (CSNSD) was founded in 2013 by individuals with Naturotherapy backgrounds who are dedicated to ensuring that the greater population have access to additional therapies that can be integrated with existing health practices to meet the demands of citizens seeking support in an already over-burdened health-care system.

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