Leadership Program Launched: How to Become a Successful Interim Executive

The Association of Interim Executives announced it has launched an online university which will provide training and education for experienced executives seeking to learn how to become successful at interim management.

Online PR News – 16-December-2013The Association of Interim Executives announced today it has launched an online university, the Interim Executives Institute. The Institute will provide training and education for experienced executives seeking to learn how to become successful at interim management and take on leadership roles on a contract or project basis. The program has launched with 12 courses, giving top executives an understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with becoming a best-in-class interim.

Many companies are becoming more powerful by outsourcing. While outsourcing has traditionally encompassed professional services or IT, it has now entered the C-suite.

Interims - whether CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CIO, CSO or turnaround professional – must quickly analyze tough situations, engage with all stakeholders and execute on a plan of action. Because interims are measured on results, the specialty draws the best executives who have an ability to move the meter in companies – change agents if you will.

Robert Jordan, Founder and CEO of the Association of Interim Executives, says, “More executives are choosing interim gigs as a career, so that they can maximize their unique abilities at company after company. As more companies utilize this vast and specialized pool of talent, we see training programs playing an essential part of development for executives worldwide.”

Courses offered by the Interim Executive Institute help executives and managers not only explore interim management as a career path, but learn how to expand their practice once begun. Each program is presented in audio format and features a panel of expert interim executives from around the world who share insights and advice on building an interim practice.

“Many executives are seeking a career boost,” says Jordan. “These are smart managers, who have done great things for companies in traditional roles. Interim management is a whole new ball game and it's very different from being a full-time employee. Our goal in creating the Institute’s Leadership Program is to give both specific and comprehensive information as tools for executives to be successful.”

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About The Association of Interim Executives
The Association of Interim Executives is the voice of interim executives globally, a professional association with the mandate to educate the business world about the expanding specialty being practiced by many thousands of executives. We provide a forum for increasing knowledge within the profession and bring together interim executives and the companies that need them. For media interested in further information or listening to sample audio, please contact Olivia Wolak, President of The Association of Interim Executives, at Olivia@interimexecs.org or (847) 849-2800.

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