Wireless Innovation Forum Welcomes New Board of Directors Members

Member representatives from Google, Virginia Tech, Harris and Fraunhofer FKIE elected

Online PR News – 17-December-2013 –The Wireless Innovation Forum, a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced new Board of Directors members elected at the Forumís 2013 Annual Meeting on 10 December.

Board members returning to their current positions include: Ruediger Leschhorn (Rohde & Schwarz) as Forum Vice-Chair, Manuel Uhm (Coherent Logix) as Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Nolan (CTVR) as Chief Regulatory Officer, and James Neel (CR Technologies) as Small Company Representative.

Board members changing positions include Bruce Oberlies (Motorola Solutions) from Board Chair to Forum Chair, John Glossner (Optimum Semiconductor Technologies) from Chief Technology Officer to Board Chair, Alberto Quintana (Indra Sistemas) from At Large member to Secretary, Vince Kovarik (PrismTech) from At Large member to Chief Financial Officer, Robert Schutz (Artisan Wireless) from Medium Company Representative to Chief Technology Officer, David Renaudeau (Thales) from ITU Region 1 Representative to Large Company Representative, Raghavan Muralidharan (Tata SED) from ITU Region 3 Representative to Medium Company Representative, Claudio Armani (Selex) from Large Company Representative to At Large member, and Peter Stanforth (Spectrum Bridge) from ITU Region 2 Representative to At Large member.

In addition, the Board of Directors welcomes the following four new members:

Marc Adrat, elected as the Government/Non-Profit Representative, is with the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (Fraunhofer FKIE) in Wachtberg, Germany. He is the project manager for the Software Defined Radio activities in the Communication System department. He contributes to the German military SDR programme SVFuA and he is the German National Project Officer in the international project COALWNW (Coalition Wideband Networking Waveform). He represents the German SDR interests in various working groups at NATO as well as EDA. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Coordinating Committee of International SDR Standards at the WInnF. His research interests include software defined radio, cognitive radio, (military) waveform design as well as concepts for waveform development environments. Matters of particular interest are wideband networking waveforms as well as waveform development environments for portable, interoperable and energy-efficient waveforms. He received his Dipl.-Ing. degree in electrical engineering and the Dr.-Ing. degree (PhD) from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 1997 and 2003, respectively.

Ken Dingman, elected as an At Large member, is a Sr. Engineering Manager with more than 10 years experience at Harris Corp. RF Communications Div. He is currently responsible for HF, Narrow Band LOS, and SATCOM Waveform applications in the Falcon III family of radios. Previous responsibilities include JTRS Cluster 1 VULOS and HaveQuick Engineering Project Lead, Harris RF-7800M-MP Product Engineering Manager and PC/PDA Applications Group Manager. He hold Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Master of Science in Software Development and Management degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ken has participated in the Wireless Innovation Forum for a number of years and is currently the co-chair of the Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards Steering Group.

Preston Marshall elected as an At Large member, develops the policy, technology, and systems needed to create wireless abundance for Google. His immediate focus is on the application of shared spectrum to enable massive increases in wireless capacity. Previously, he served as Deputy Director at USC Information Science Institute, with a personal research program in wireless technology, self-forming content delivery networks, electronic warfare, and algorithms for managing decisions in complex, ambiguous, and information-constrained environments. He also participated in the Presidents Council of Advisers (PCAST) study on spectrum sharing. Prior to that he was a Program Manager at DARPA managing innovations in cognitive radio, dynamic spectrum access, interference management and self-forming networking.

Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed, elected as the Academic Representative, as currently serves as Director of Wireless @ Virginia Tech. He is the Founding Faculty member of the Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology and served as its interim Director when founded in 2010. His book, Software Radio: A Modern Approach to Radio Design was published by Prentice Hall. He is co-founder of Cognitive Radio Technologies (CRT), a company commercializing of the cognitive radio technologies; Allied Communications, a company developing technologies for 5G systems; and for Power Fingerprinting, a company specializing in security for embedded systems. In 2005, Dr. Reed became Fellow to the IEEE for contributions to software radio and communications signal processing and for leadership in engineering education. He is also a Distinguished Lecture for the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. In 2013 he was awarded the International Achievement Award by the Wireless Innovations Forum. In 2012 he served on the Presidentís Council of Advisors of Science and Technology Working Group that examine ways to transition federal spectrum to allow commercial use and improve economic activity.

The Board would like to thank the following outgoing members for their service: Hiroshi Harada (NICT) who served as the Government/Non-profit Representative, Kuan Collins (SAIC) who served as the Forum Chair as well as the Secretary, and Gerd Ascheid (RWTH Aachen University) who served as the Academic Representative.

Established in 1996, The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum Version 2.0) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to advocating for spectrum innovation, and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications worldwide. Members bring a broad base of experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio(CR) and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in diverse markets and at all levels of the wireless value chain to address emerging wireless communications requirements. To learn more about The Wireless Innovation Forum, its meetings and membership benefits, visit www.WirelessInnovation.org.

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