Los Angeles Dentist Says TMJ Disorders Are a Leading Cause of Headaches, Neck Pain

TMJ specialist Dr. Eddie Siman says proper diagnosis and treatment for TMJ disorders is essential. “Stress or a misaligned bite are leading causes of TMJ disorders and pain."

Online PR News – 18-December-2013 –Los Angeles, CA - “Each morning, millions of people start their day with headaches, neck and facial pain and other symptoms,” says Dr. Eddie Siman, a leading TMJ specialist in Los Angeles, CA. “Research indicates that more than 50% of the population is currently suffering from TMD, also referred to TMJ/TMD, which affects the two small joints in the jaw called the temporolmandibular joints, or TMJ.  These joints connect the mandible (lower jaw) to the temporal bone of the skull. The muscles surrounding the TMJ control its position and movement. Many people also suffer from ear congestion and vertigo, without realizing what is causing their symptoms.”
“Women develop TMJ disorders at twice the rate of men,” says Dr. Siman. “Several factors can increase the risk. These include trauma or injury to the temporomandibular joint and surrounding muscles, dislocation of the soft cushion or disc within the joint, improper bite, osteoarthritis in the TMJ due to degenerative joint disease, and stress, which can lead to grinding and clenching of the teeth and facial muscles.”  
“A misaligned bite is often the cause of severe TMJ-related problems,” says Dr. Siman. “When you have a misaligned bite, your jaw, head and neck muscles must work extra hard to compensate. The jaw does not align properly, which can be caused by genetics, an accident or trauma, crooked teeth, or bad dental work. Excess strain on the muscles can result in painful TMJ symptoms, like migraines, ear aches, neck pain, tender muscles, facial pain, a painful jaw and other problems,” says Dr. Siman. 
How is your bite?
For a misaligned bite, a general dentist will often prescribe a mouth guard or splint to prevent grinding of the teeth. “While this brings some temporary relief, more often than not it does not eliminate the problem,” says Dr. Siman. “A mouth guard or splint can lose effectiveness over time and for some, the pain increases when wearing one.”
What really works for a misaligned bite?
“TMJ specialists consider porcelain veneers to be the best method of treatment for correcting a misaligned bite,” says Dr. Siman. “With porcelain veneers the bite can be corrected in just a few days.” Braces would take years to achieve the same effect. Veneers provide effective bite management while also improving the appearance of your teeth.
How are TMJ disorders diagnosed? 
Diagnosing TMJ disorders is the first step to successful treatment,” says Dr. Siman. “We observe the signs and symptoms of a patient’s TMJ disorder, and how it is affecting his or her posture. We also note if there is any muscle tenderness, observe jaw joint function, and check for tooth and gum tissue damage.” 
Radiographs of the teeth and jaw joints are taken using digital, low radiation CAT scan technology. Detailed casts are made of the upper and lower teeth, and neuromuscular testing is done with K-7 instrumentation, a sophisticated system for tracking jaw and muscle movement.

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About Dr. Eddie Siman
Dr. Eddie Siman is a leading Beverly Hills TMJ Dentist. Through his advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Siman is able to correctly diagnose your TMJ symptoms and prescribe the proper treatment to offer you relief from the pain and other symptoms. Eighty-five percent of his patients are symptom-free after treatment. The other fifteen percent are usually traumatic accident victims, who due to their severe injuries, cannot be completely cured, however they often experience mild to significant improvement from Dr. Siman’s treatment.

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