NOURI Inc. Celebrates One Year Anniversary
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Washington, D.C., September 17, 2013 – NOURI Inc., a startup company that produces artisan energy bars, is excited to celebrate its one year anniversary

Online PR News – 20-December-2013 – usa – NOURI Inc. Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Washington, D.C., September 17, 2013 – NOURI Inc., a startup company that produces artisan energy bars, is excited to celebrate its one year anniversary. In only one year since its launch,NOURI has accomplished an astounding number of goals. Specifically, it has given over 18,000 meals to hungry schoolchildren, expanded sales to 138 locationson the East Coast, and was selected as a finalist for CBIC Business Innovation Rocket Award as a company that has moved with noteworthy speed from concept to commercialization.

NOURI Inc. was created by the husband and wife team, Jared and Veneka, who both graduatedfrom Princeton University. After two years working in the philanthropic and non-profit sector Veneka attended the University of Virginia’s Darden Business School. During her time at Darden Veneka launched the company in the Innovation-Lab Incubator and was selected as one of its most promising startups. NOURI bar has grown tremendously and operations have expanded to a manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand.From its humble beginnings NOURI has become a competitor in the wellness and energy bar market.

With 6 ingredients or less in each bar, NOURIbars are a healthy and delicious tasting snack. Made in small artisan batches and using the freshest local organic and non-GMO ingredients, these bars support local farms and communities by sourcing everything from small businesses in the USA. NOURIuses biodegradable boxes and eco-friendly business practices in an effort to be consciously sustainable.

Since its beginnings,NOURI has been doing good in the world and making a difference in the lives of children. For every bar sold, NOURI provides a meal to a hungry child in need. By partnering with local communities and non-profit organizations, NOURI providesnutritious meals in school to children, which in turn helps them focus better in class and boosts attendance. These meals are grown and produced by local farmers in eachcountrywhere NOURI operates to ensure a sustainable model of empowerment and self-development.

At its one year mark,NOURI has helped provide over 18,459 meals to children in Botswana.In 2014, NOURIwill expand its reach to support children in Cambodia, Haiti, Guatemala and the USA. NOURI team members are committed to being change agents in their community and regularly give back through volunteer efforts at food banks.

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