A Colossal Breakthrough In Teratological Research--Global Launch of IRT- Model & Theory on UN-IDPD.

Under the aegis of UNESCO,a research colloquia on 'Terato-kinetics' that tracks by UN-IDPD Observance Dec.3-5 through Dec.18-21,quite eloquently emerges to impact the lives of over 730 million disables of the world. Qadhi A Z Al-Hafi makes perilously stirring demonstrations.

Online PR News – 21-December-2013 –(Joint Press Release): UNESCO,PU,DUHS,HEC,MAVSO Intl..

(Breaking International News Dec. 19 )-:In compliance with the UN Mandate for Disability 2013, Pakistan takes the historic edge of launching the first ever ‘Model of Terato-kinetc Research’ in the recorded history of medical sciences. The landmark research document is an outcome of nearly over one and a half decades’ investigative work by a multidisciplinary arch-researcher Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi.

Salient feature and the prime core-objective of the research is the 'prevention of multiple pre-birth disabilities’ due to certain chemicals-based medications, food additives or other potential toxins characterized as ‘teratogens’, that can grimly pose austere and severe vulnerabilities of both, the structural as well as functional defects in babies, when administered during pregnancy or in lactation periods at the pre-natal and post-natal stages'.

The ground-breaking research document has been primed for over 1700 international esteemed universities of the globe, in accordance with the United Nations mandates and conventions on the subject.

The historic research colloquia is an awakening call to the collective conscience of the world to come forth to address the long overdue neglected task of humanity---' Raising voice for those who cannot raise their voice for themselves'-- the disables-- voiceless-the unborn babies prone to disabilities for the rest of their lives", urges the planetary researcher Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, in quite a meaningful way, during his thought-provoking and conscience-shaking academic sessions at the colloquia.

Main threshold of the present research concentrates and puts pivot emphasis on bringing global attention to certain chemicals that can cross the mother’s placenta and pose serious threats to embryo thus speckling wide-ranging physicochemical and neuro-cerebral complexities at embryonic stages. The research study also covers the adverse offshoots of certain food additives and some other ‘ultra-smart utilities’ during pregnancy that should also be brought under legislative considerations. The pinnacle research reference work is going to impact the world’s disability segments that constitute somewhat a 14.9-17.4 % of the planet’s population by initiating the new debates in the whole world’s academic fora and the medico-forensic spheres as well.

The said research holds the global initiatives for serious consideration of international legislation. Ethico-legal hierarchies like the United Nations are intent marked stakeholders of the present research.

Well-observed by the academic luminaries across the globe, the landmark reference work has been gazed at as ‘the first ever “magnum opus research pinnacle” in recorded history of the subject to date.

The ‘Inter-referential Model of Teratological Research’ along with the ‘Trans-positional Theory of Terato-Kinetics and Iatro-teratogenicity’ were launched through a multi-academic scientific research colloquia, by a newly emerging SAIRI research group and demonstrated by the theorist and principal investigator Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Hafi. Prof. Hafi, zenithly encompasses a broad-based multilevel erudite orientation in an upsurge summation of almost 97 subject-fields and henceforth, indubitably imprints his distinct mark-etchings of a compellingly marvelous ‘unparallelness’, in a plethora of learned superfluities within the modern age academia. A precision of the renderings conceded by Qadhi Hafi, can be summarized as: having time-tested and event-proven abilities to conceptualize, strategize and handle disability-centered tasks in critical and strange situations.
Prof Dr Qadhi Aurangzeb Hafi foremostly conceptualized, assessed and raised the issue of child retardation risk in Tsunami affected areas, in capacity of prime investigatory head of CRRA-Tsunami project, and maintained liaisons to UN and related agencies on the particular subject-matter.

The first categorical research model on’ Terato-kinetic Sciences’ was demonstrated by Dec.18-19 at Higher Education Commission Pakistan in continuum of the multi academia polygonal scientific colloquia that started from Dec. 3--the United Nations 'International Observance Day for Disability', at Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, followed by its academic sessions and scientific symposia at Punjab University and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The multi-academic colloquia consists of 9 scientific orientations, 17 confluences, 10 symposia and 19 demonstrations worldwide.

Academic round of the scientific research colloquia started in Karachi, by Dec. 3, 2013 and was presided over by the DUHS vice-chancellor. The colloquia sessions at Punjab University were regulated and regimented under UNESCO, by it’s chair at PU. The academic demonstration session held at HEC was concluded and clinched by the experts, as decidedly meaningful confab on the subject. The colloquia at PU and DOW were multiparted by academicians of the said institutional fora. The colloquia sessions identified a list of teratogens, iatro-teratogens and environmental teratogens and consequently concluded for the need of immediate research initiatives as well as legislative measures to be taken promptly, to address the impeded setback concerning the subject-matter.

The colloquia also shed light on the left behind disable population caught in the Philippine’s Tacloban Haiyan Typhoon. Serious threats concerning the child retardation risks in newly born and unborn babies are brought under considerations. UN and other sectors of relevance are urged to take priority actions to save the Haiyan babies from multiple disabilities.

The landmark reference work is the first absolutely unbiased research study of its type, as compared to the earlier research models and studies—those, sponsored by the parties under question.

The research study is the lucid example of its precise, concrete and explicit form of work on the subject-matter, in the recorded history of modern sciences to date.

At the first stage the said model’s indicators and work plans have been primed for UN, WHO. UNESCO, UNICEF and other sectors of relevance.

Necessary details are aimed to be made available shortly at www.disabilityconsensus.org, as well as provisions of leaflets pamphlets and other guiding tools for the layman in near future.

The polygonal colloquia requests the governments, intergovernmental organizations, the NGOs ,the individuals, volunteers, the legislators, ethico-legal authorities,regulatory agencies and all sectors of relevance to come forward on humanitarian grounds to prompt the issue.

Global judicial and ethico-legal hierarchies have been urged to take ‘suo moto actions’ worldwide, as well as the civil societies and media to contribute in awaking and initiating public awareness campaigns.
The research directory outcomes along with the colloquia, are a call to the collective conscience of the world to come forth to address the long overdue neglected task of humanity.

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