Christmas 2013, To Endow Blessings for 730 Million Disables of World—The Left Behind Humanity.

The ‘Holy Christmas Day’ celebrated in a unique ‘Holy Way’ by a Muslim researcher, Qadhi A Z Al Hafi by presenting the first ‘Inter-referential Model of Teratological Research' at the forefront of the world’s conscience by Dec.25.

Online PR News – 26-December-2013 –A planetary researcher of Pakistan, Qadhi Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi has secured another historic ‘first’ to the credits of his nation, by presenting the first ‘Inter-referential Model of Teratological Research’ along with the 'Trans-positional Theory of Terato-Kinetics and Iatro-teratogenicity'.

The benchmark reference work has been impelled at the forefront of the world’s conscience by Dec.25, a day for the humanity that has been left behind, virtually, in almost all walks of the life---the disables of the world.

Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi scheduled the first public demonstration by the holy Christmas day, in order to adhere the holy blessings of the merciful day, for the whole humanity in general, and for the disables in particular.
Well-observed by the academic luminaries across the planet, the landmark reference work ‘IRT Model of Teratological Research’, study has been considered and institutionally graded as the “magnum opus research pinnacle” of the subject in recorded history of scientific literature to date.

The said research is a pioneering humanitarian and scientific contribution of Pakistan, that emerges to impact the the lives of over 730 million disables of the world, by initiating, not only the new debates in the modern-age academia, but also, by posing serious questions upon the judicial and ethico-legal hierarchies of the globe.

Salient features and the prime core-objectives of the research are 'prevention of multiple pre-birth disabilities’ due to certain chemical-based medications, food additives or other potential toxins characterized as 'teratogens', that can grimly pose austere and severe vulnerabilities of both, the structural as well as functional defects in babies, when administered during pregnancy or in lactation periods at the pre-natal and post-natal stages'.

In his keynote theme-lecture, Qadhi Prof Dr Aurangzeb Hafi, accentuated on subsoil water toxicity hazards due to non eco-compatible sewage and drainage practices. "The environment of the planet, in its totality, is on stake due to lethal vulnerabilities of under-ground water reserves and its repercussion for living organisms would be disastrous” asserted the keynote theme speaker. also brought into the academia’s as well as public attention, the critical issue of different types of water toxicities and assertively identified and affirmed the sub-soil hydro-toxicity to be a potential teratogen in the developing countries like Pakistan, where these ecologically incompatible sewerage-drainage practices are deemed as legal developments, and there exist no measures and regulatory policy frameworkings to restrict the same. He stressed the need to tackle the growing impact of inner and outer environmental toxicity, in a broader perspectives in compliance with UN conventions on the subject-matters under discussion.

“Our pharmaceutical giants are promoting the drugs, bearing certain signs on their labels, as—‘safety-tested’, ‘no adverse effects reported’ etc.
Each company is passionately destined towards the competition with the other, in showcasing such ‘broad-based safety signs and labels’. With the help of extensively designed product-promotional devisings, coupled with advertisement gadgets of the media-world, the massive mind is misled, and the targeted public becomes convinced enough by the methodologies exclusively engineered and employed thereupon. No matter, that if these widely promoted ‘safe pills’ to control temporary pains, are being employed for a pregnant woman, and are consequenced for relieving the ‘common cold symptoms’ or the ‘temporary pains’ at the expense of the ‘lifelong multiple pre-birth disabilities’ for the unborn at its embryonic and zygotic stages. Since the tiny cell structure remains unable to bear the ‘potence-densed’ burdens of these highly complex chemical structures, the adverse likelihoods tend to reach inter-cellular devastating desolations of epic proportions.

The notoriously plenteous genocide story of the tragic birth-defect epidemics due to ‘thalidomide’--cancerous poisonousness in off-springs of the mothers who were prescribed to take the ‘enthusiastically introduced’ and ‘scientifically promoted’ diethylstilbestrol. The disastrous situations posed by the said drug, vastly publicized as the research-supported (pharmaceutics-sponsored-research) ‘ever-safe’ drug, deserve to be placed in the ‘worst-ever scenario classics’ of the recorded medical sciences history”, learnt perilously, the polygonal academic research colloquia, by Qadhi Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi.

The landmark reference work is the first absolutely unbiased research study of its type, as compared to the earlier research models and studies—those, sponsored by the parties under question.

Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi scheduled the first public demonstration to be made on Dec. 25, 2013.

The research study is the lucid example of its precise, concrete and explicit form of work on the subject-matter, in the recorded history of modern sciences to date.

At the first stage the said model’s indicators and work plans are primed for UN, WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and other sectors of relevance.

Necessary details are aimed to be made available shortly as well as provisions of leaflets pamphlets and other guiding tools for the laymen in near future.
The first categorical research model on’ Terato-kinetic Sciences’ was demonstrated by Dec.18-19 at Higher Education Commission Pakistan in continuum of the multi-academia polygonal scientific colloquia that started from Dec. 3--the United Nations 'International Observance Day for Disability', at Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, followed by its academic sessions and scientific symposia at Punjab University and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The colloquia also shed light on the left behind disable population caught in the Philippine’s Tacloban Haiyan Typhoon. Serious threats concerning the child retardation risks in newly born and unborn babies are brought under considerations. UN and other sectors of relevance are urged to take priority actions to save the Haiyan babies from multiple disabilities.

Governments, intergovernmental organizations, the NGOs ,the individuals, volunteers, the legislators, ethico-legal authorities,regulatory agencies and all sectors of relevance are urged to come forward on humanitarian grounds to prompt the issue.

Global judicial and ethico-legal hierarchies have been urged to take ‘suo moto actions’ worldwide, as well as the civil societies and media to contribute in awaking and initiating public awareness campaigns.

The research directory outcomes along with the colloquia, are a call to the collective conscience of the world to come forth to address the long overdue neglected task of humanity.

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