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Digital Life Security Android App price tag is far less than AT&T Digital Life Remote Control Home System and a more practical tool for effective home security needs and personal safety.

Online PR News – 27-December-2013Digital Life Security Android App does one thing and it does it quite well says Carl Robinson, spokesman for Android Security Alarm. “It maximizes personal visual and video security, for homes, apartments and businesses with no requirement for a 3rd party monitoring service and billing that cost $40 or more per month," Robinson said. AT&T Digital Life also charges $250 and up for a basic package installation set up. Add on sensors and controls are $650 and up. Digital Life Security Android App cost is the app plus a budget wise prepaid Android camera phone for hardware.

Effective home security is what every home owner and apartment renter is most interested in and needs today and every day. No one wants to come home after a day at work or school and walk into their home to find and confront an armed home burglar. In the past twelve months 266,000 people have been violently assaulted and nearly five hundred murdered in home burglar violence. A US Justice Department Study shows that on average in the next twelve months we can anticipate the same number of repeat violent attacks on homeowners and apartment renters. Digital Life Security Android App is the homeowner and renters eyes for safety and security by providing visual video pictures and advance warning of an intruder break-in. The customer receives images of the intruder directly on their cell phone. The almost instantaneous cell phone photo or optional video warning reduces the risk of being injured or killed by accidental encounter with a burglar surprise-in-one's-own-home. 3 to 4 million homes and apartments will be broken into in every twelve-month time frame with no end or relief in sight.

Digital Life Security Android App is downloaded from Google Play app store to a 2.3 or higher Android camera phone and it is ready and easy to use with no complications. It detects a burglar by built in motion sensor and sends pictures instantly and directly to the users’ personal cell phone when they are away if there is a break-in, where ever they are, 24/7 – 365 days a year. There is no third party monitoring service or delay in knowing when a burglary is in progress and false alarms are eliminated.

"We have to get the word out," said Robinson. "People see the big advertising on television and they think they have no choice but AT&T, when in fact a better choice for home security is to pick up a budget wise Android phone from a retailer and just download the Digital Life Security Android App and start using it.”
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