The VAULT Vaporizer Hits E-Cigarette Market as Stigma of Smoke Dissipates

Veppo is stepping out of the "smoking section" of society, as it promotes a new personal vaporizer, an evolution of the e-cigarette of yesterday. The VAULT Vaporizer is being touted as the “lifetime buy” for consumers who want to "vape" instead of smoke.

Online PR News – 21-March-2014 – Denver, CO – Veppo introduced The VAULT Premium Personal Vaporizer product, a larger and more powerful vaporizer that was built for a lifetime of vaping with high-end design and long-term value. While the company does offer a line of e-cigarettes and e-cigars, they are promoting The VAULT as the next evolution of vaping. The Vault is a larger product, beyond the physical dimensions of any other e-cigarette on the market. The company is referring to The VAULT as a "personal vaporizer," a lifestyle product with an unusually luxurious design inside and out.

The VAULT’s interior is powerful, allowing for longer vapes, well beyond the "carton length" of the original e-cigs Veppo introduced. The VAULT comes with a 1.5 mL capacity Pyrex glass tank and 650 mAh of battery power, not to mention tough internal components made from chrome electro-plated copper alloy. This protects the unit from leaking and cracking and ensures flavor and vaporizing quality remains up to the highest standard.

If James Bond were a vaporizer, he'd be The VAULT. Sexy, cool and tough. It's sleek, silky feel holds a bold vaping experience of a lifetime. With the same paranoid intensity as a bank CEO reinforces his vault, so has Veppo worked extra hard to "bulletproof" The VAULT.

Whereas most e-cigarettes are built to outlast their tobacco burning competitors, The VAULT is built with an overpowering design, with the intent to be a lifetime buy—a permanent replacement for cigarettes, cigars and even e-cigarettes. The exterior has been designed with high-end features, such as a sexy matte grip and a contoured button with on/off switch for safety and security.

The "lifetime vaporizer" is a labeling Veppo is embracing, suggesting that the device is made for a lifetime of vaping, as long as it is regularly maintained and the bottom coil atomizer is replaced for maximum flavor. The VAULT tank is fully disassemble-able and cleanable, ensuring that The VAULT produces pure flavor always. Veppo also sells part replacements and e-liquid in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels.

The e-cigarette market is quickly evolving, with improving technology, stricter federal and state regulations, and a culture that is rapidly expanding and aging with every passing year. The VAULT Premium Vaporizer may well be the very notion of leisure smoking for a modern, health-conscious age. It’s water, not toxins, and it’s no longer called smoking—but "vaping." The evolution of relaxation continues and Veppo continues to think outside the pack.

For more information on the new VAULT Premium Vaporizer, visit the official website at and check out The VAULT Vaporizer Commercial.

About Veppo: Veppo is an edgy and modern personal vaporizer brand and offers a full catalog of premium e-cigarettes and award winning e-cigars. The VAULT Vaporizer is their newest vaporizer product with easy-to-replace parts. The company tagline is "True Freedom."

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