Ann Marie Puig Prioritizes Human Rights for Children

Ann Marie Puig associates herself with the Fundacion Paniamor and propagates human rights of children & adolescents in Costa Rica.

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – San Jose, Costa Rica – The world is a colorful place because of the children in it but not all children live a protected, safe and happy life. Ann Marie Puig avers that is the duty of every family and the society at large as well as to State, to ensure that children & adolescents are given the right to life, nourishment, health, leisure and education. They have the right to live with dignity, respect and freedom and their family & community life has to be prioritized.

She also strongly believes that since they are incapable of doing so themselves; they must be guarded from all kinds of discrimination, violence, negligence, oppression and cruelty. It is part of parental duty to assist, educate and raise underage children. In an ideal world, this is something that takes place by default, but across the world, there are children who are oppressed, humiliated and discriminated against.

Some children in Costa Rica are subjected to physical and very humiliating punishments within their own homes. They lose their confidence and their will to progress in life and achieve anything substantial. Millionaire Ann Marie Puig is a staunch supporter of any cause that highlights and addresses children & adolescent issues such as these. She knows that strong support is as important as financial backing and that is what she gives without a second thought.

Radiance is not something that can be achieved. Like the sun, it has to be inherent in you, and so does charity.”- Ann Marie Puig

Thinking Beyond Money

She has been working in a steadfast manner with the Fundacion Paniamor in Costa Rica to achieve compliance with human rights for children and adolescents. As a giving person, she thinks beyond her money and invests her life into causes that will make a difference to others. She has said ever so often that this step can be so much more difficult than just signing a check, but generally, it is needed more desperately. She gives the time, has the talent, the experience and the want to do something for the children and adolescents in her country.

She encourages people to step out of their shoes and start investing their lives into others. She embraces the reality that life is not too long and that children are the future of the country and the world. Having embraced this reality, she lives life in the light of it. There are many children who do not live in a perfect world, but the Fundacion Paniamor's goal is to increase awareness amongst parents and coach them and train them to help their children live safer and happier lives.

Ann Marie backs this objective with her enthusiasm and time. It is her way of helping in improving society and inspiring those around her, to do the same. She starts with the end goal in mind and assesses the gap, works tirelessly in that direction, internalizes the change and then sets forth to making a difference.

The Fundacion Paniamor is a non-governmental and non-partisan political and non-profit organization in Costa Rica. Via its programs, it follows technical and preventive methods to achieving compliance with rights of minors in the country.

About Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig is a philanthropist in Costa Rica. She donates money to charitable causes in third world countries in Latin America and Africa. Ann Marie Puig also makes a major impact through her volunteering time to trustee’s that manage philanthropic organizations.

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