Electronic Cigarette Online Sales Add Over 500 Million Dollars To The 1.7 Billion Dollar Industry

WetFlame Electronic Cigarettes is one small business making a big impact

Online PR News – 29-May-2014 – Jacksonville Florida – In mid 2013, Wells Fargo Securities released the starting results of an industry survey, revealing the unprecedented growth of the e-cigarette business and predicting sales would top 2 billion dollars by 2014. An estimated 500-650 million dollars of that number was thought to come from online retailers like WetFlame Electronic Cigarettes, based out of Jacksonville, FL.

With the rise of popularity in online shopping, retailers like WetFlame are poised be part of that revolution.

The e-cig, which allows users to experience a smoking-like nicotine delivery system that produces a vapor with various flavors, is set to take over some of the tobacco industry’s 80 billion dollar market. Consumers, faced with the undeniable health risks associated with smoking along with skyrocketing cigarette taxes, turn to e-cigarettes as an alternative and cost effective way to manage their habit. Currently, it is unknown if electronic cigarettes are a healthier more harmful alternative to smoking nevertheless it looks as if e-cigarettes will be around for the long haul.

Matthew Sturm, co-founder of WetFlame explains, “Most of our clients use the e-cigarette as a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes, with no intention to end their nicotine consumption. This is what electronic cigarettes were originally designed for…”

Not only do electronic cigarette retailers offer smoker’s an alternative to smoking, projected growth, based on consumer demand, is likely to topple sales of traditional tobacco products by 2021, according to Bonnie Herzog, the analyst for Wells Fargo who conducted the original research. With the rise of popularity in online shopping, retailers like WetFlame Electronic Cigarettes are poised be part of that revolution. "Lose the lighter, Use a WetFlame"

Founded in 2010, WetFlame aims to provide consumers with high quality electronic cigarette products with a superior level of customer service. Learn more at http://www.wetflameecigs.com or contact them directly at support@wetflameecigs.com

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