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CytoTest and Uniformed Services University’s Center for Prostate Disease Research enter into CRADA
CytoTest and Uniformed Services University’s Center for Prostate Disease Research enter into CRADA to advance cancer diagnosis and prognosis


Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. and NextGen Life Sciences announce partnership
Leucine Rich Bio Pvt. Ltd.,has announced partnership with NextGen Life sciences for promoting its products and services in the Indian market.


Does Binge Drinking Damage the Immune System?; The CBCD Reviews a Medical Report

A new study found that “Young adults who engage in just one bout of binge drinking may experience a … significant drop in their immune system. (1)


Genital Herpes: How to Recognize Early Signs of Infection; The CBCD Reviews a Report

Inflammation is the very first sign of a genital herpes infection. (1) The CBCD recommends Novirin against the latent herpes virus.


FDA Designates New Treatment as 'Breakthrough'; The CBCD Reviews a Report

FDA designated a treatment of EBV-Associated Lymphoproliferative Disease (a type of cancer) as a breakthrough therapy. (1)


At Last: Doctors Can Now Review New Gardasil Study and Advise Parents; CBCD Reviews the Study

Gardasil 9 was approved by the FDA in December 2014, but the study was only published in the New England Journal of Medicine on February 19, 2015. (1)


Tridiagonal Solutions launches MixIT - The Enterprise Mixing Analysis Tool for Fluid Mixing Industry
Tridiagonal Solutions Inc has launched MixIT , a comprehensive, easy-to-use enterprise analysis software.


IIC Partners Adds New Firm in Chicago
IIC Partners adds new office in the US with acceptance of Furst Group into membership.


Report: Genital Herpes Virus May Cause Seizures; The CBCD Reviews the Report

A case report revealed that seizures associated with genital herpes (HSV-2) resulted in the near death of an individual. (1)


Laser Treatment Speeds Healing of Herpes Sores; The CBCD Reviews the Report

Research findings suggest laser treatments may speed healing of herpes sores and lengthen the time before they reappear. (1)


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