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Socialgiri Launches iPad App, an Extension of
Created to link celebrities, aspiring stars and fans, Socialgiri members curate their own entertainment industry social stream, choosing among over 500 social media celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, music, sports, fashion and politics.


Dr. Isaac Richmond Announces Run for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District
Dr. Isaac Richmond's campaign will focus on the unjust criminal system, economic justice, education and defending the rights of "The People."


Senators, Governors, Mayors and Families Raise Awareness for 100's of Critically Ill Newborns

40 States and the U.S. Senate proclaim awareness for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, a little known birth defect that strikes hundreds of babies each year in the United States.


WildAid Philanthropist and Financier Jeffrey Epstein, Applauds China's Ban on Shark Fins

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation puts its support behind WildAid's brave fight against shark fin consumption in China.


Amanda Yeung Collucci takes part in charity Theater show to celebration International Women's Day
Amanda Yeung Collucci takes part in this 2 award winning shows - The Vagina Monologues Meet The F Word in celebration of International Women's Day 2014.


New Photogallery Profiles Africa's New Economic Powerhouse: Nigeria

Nigeria's new status as Africa’s largest economy puts the spotlight on Nigeria as a key engine for regional progress. The photogallery assesses the relationship between the economy and security in Nigeria, and assesses how this impacts security in Africa as well.


Think Security Africa Marks the 20th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

The Rwanda Genocide was one of the defining moments for security in Africa. Estimates of the number of people killed range between 800,000 to 1.1 million people. Besides this hundreds of thousands more were scarred by rape, disease, life-altering injuries and displacement.


Deftsoft Launches New Election Survey App for Your Android Gadgets
The big game is on! Well, if it is something like cricket, hockey or football lingering your mind again this time then, you are definitely on the wrong track; because, it is nothing concerned with the universal favorites again.


Ben Ganje Says End of New Construction Moratorium Is Right Move For Minneapolis Real Estate Market

Ben Ganje + Partners, a Minneapolis real estate team specializing in the Downtown and Minneapolis Lakes area, says that the City Council's scheduled end of the teardown and new construction moratorium is a win-win for homeowners, the City, and the local real estate market.


Albuquerque Relocation Specialist Says New Mexico Tesla Gigafactory Could Power Economy For Decades

Joe Maez of The Maez Group says the Tesla Gigafactory, an ambitious battery factory that the electric car automaker could bring to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, may be the economic engine to drive Albuquerque business and real estate market growth for decades to come.


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