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Metals Enter Desktop 3D Printing with The Virtual Foundry's 'Filamet'

New product allows existing 3D printers to produce metallic objects. Revolution Underway in Personal Desktop Manufacturing.


HPV May be a Cause of Skin Cancer; CBCD Recommends Two Natural HPV Remedies

HPV makes the skin more sensitive to the effect of sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) on the skin. (1)


Immune System in a Pill, Science or Science Fiction? The CBCD Reviews a Report

Synthetic antibodies that copy the immune system’s disease fighting methods may soon be introduced to the market. (1)


Report: Acupressure May Boost the Immune System; The CBCD Examines the Medical Evidence

“Modern research in China confirms the efficacy of (acupressure) for improving immune function."(1) The CBCD recommends Novirin to help boost the immune system.


Firm Expands Into Chemical Market and Increases Sales and Apprentice Teams
A West Midlands firm is going from strength to strength, with the addition of a new company to its group brand and an increase in staff members.


SmartKem Collaborates with Centre for Process Innovation to Support Customer Pre-Production
Three year collaboration to develop customer pre-production prototypes featuring SmartKem’s tru-FLEX Thin Film Transistors


MaxStat Lite - free and easy-to-use statistical software
Statistics easy to do and results easy to understand. Perfect for students

2015/02/25 introduces the Newest Web Development Services
7eye technologies is a web development company, which offers first-class IT Solutions on the economic price with standards and potentials.


Chicken Pox is Dangerous to Pregnant Women; CBCD Reviews a Report on Updated Medical Guidelines

New recommendations describe prevention of chicken pox in pregnancy, management and treatment of pregnant women with chicken pox. (1)


Study: No Sleep Damages the Immune System; The CBCD Recommends Novirin

“People who sleep too little are more likely to develop chronic diseases,” according to (1)


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