To build and sustain a vibrant, caring, inclusive community rooted in Hindu religion, values, heritage and traditions.

Online PR News – 26-November-2017 – San Jose, CA – World Hindu Organization is on a mission to advance Hinduism across the globe through a religion cognizance movement that has been launched. The movement, “Religious Awareness,” features the word Hindu, which is derived from the Indo Aryan and Sanskrit word Sindhu, which means "a large body of water". 'Hindu' became virtually equivalent to an 'Indian' who was not a Muslim, Sikh, Jain or Christian. Thus, encompassing a range of religious beliefs and practices. Unlike most other religions, Hinduism has no single founder, no single scripture and no commonly agreed upon set of teachings. Hinduism is the oldest surviving religion in this challenging world of revulsion and confrontation currently followed by people in the world, with a universal fascination that is too difficult to disregard. To comprehend the future of Hinduism, we have to recognize its strengths and weaknesses and identify the coercions and opportunities to which it is exposed.rnIf Hinduism has to endure and advance as a world religion, it is our duty as a Hindu to distinguish its weaknesses and address them seriously so that we can preserve, protect and progress its vitality and ensure its future. Diversity in Hinduism is both a strength and weakness. It creates a lot of perplexity in the minds of communities and individuals, as to which path to follow, whom to worship and what to practice. World Hindu Organization will maintain benevolent attitude and reciprocal reverence for all individuals and other religions and work toward bringing harmony and contentment in the world mentions Mr. Ary Sarkar, Founder and Chairman. We intend to invite the public from all religions to a open forum to learn more about Hindu religion and talk about their own religion and how they’ve been positively impacted spiritually. World Hindu Organization is an effort to advance Hinduism and bring communities together regardless of religious affiliation. As said by famous author Dr. Amit Sarkar - “Society is not a mere agglomeration of business, news and noise. It is a system of human organization with distinctive institutions and cultural pattern”.

“Jai Hindu”

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