Luminous E-Shop Introduces latest Solar Power Backup Devices to the Market

The poor electricity supply situation across the country provided an opportunity for the Power backup industry to flourish in India.

Online PR News – 02-December-2017 – Faridabad/Haryana – Luminous which has 28 sales offices in India, 7 manufacturing units, and presence in over 36 countries has become the delight of customers in India through innovation and passion to make the life of the people living in India more comfortable and efficient.

Luminous products fill the gap between the available electricity in the country and the demand-supply in power distribution with it power backup market. The power backup market of luminous e-shop is based on Inverters, Batteries, Generators, UPS and solar devices. The power backup devices available with the Luminous e-shop, the UPS and Power Inverters have witnessed a considerable increase in their sale in the recent years.

The generators are mostly required by factories, Industries, and institutes where the demand of the electricity is very higher. Here the productivity can be adversely affected by the sudden power failures. While as Luminous Power inverters are widely used in households, shops, and commercial establishments.

Some power backup devices available on are as follows:-

Solar Offerings:-

The Luminous e-shop sells Solar Power backup devices such as Luminous Solar Hybrid, Luminous Solar Panel, Luminous Solar Tubular battery, Luminous Solar Retrofit, Luminous Solar Grid Tied Inverter, Solar home UPS, Charge Controller and scores of others Solar power backup devices. The high energy efficient Solar Power Backup devices sold by Luminous e-shop reduces your electricity bill and at the same time ensure uninterrupted power backup.

Home UPS:-

The Home UPS (Power Inverter) converts your DC electric current into alternating current efficiently than the other Power Backup devices available in the market, just to ensure that you get an uninterrupted power supply in office and home in case of frequent power failures.

Inverter Batteries:-

The inverter battery of Luminous is a lead rechargeable battery which is used with home inverters. The higher lead content in the luminous inverter batteries leads to better performance and quality.

Power Inverters and Battery Combo:-

The Luminous e-shop offers you a wide range of Power Inverters and battery combo. The price of a combo of a Luminous Power Inverter and Battery vary according to the capacity of the equipment. The metric to measure the capacity of a battery is (Ah) and for the UPS, it is VA. Higher the number of both, more efficient is the combo. You can try the latest sine Wave Home UPS and Tubular batteries of Luminous, they are currently the most popular power backup devices in India.

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