The Kickstarter Campaign Has Been Launched With Success

IonBoard Tech presents their latest creation known as Ionpod. It is a electric skateboard that will change the world forever.

Online PR News – 04-December-2017 – New York, USA – New York, USA ó 1 December 2017 ó IonBoard Tech presents their latest creation known as Ionpod. It is a electric skateboard that will change the world forever. Gone are the days when the kids have to push the board all by themselves. In the near future all of the skateboards that will be manufactured will have this electric motor that can make the board go as quickly as twenty two miles per hour. One would be amazed to find out that it can go as far as twelve miles on a single charge.

The cheap electric skateboard is already featured in a Kickstarter campaign that can be accessed at this point in time. By backing up the creator of the board then the client will be supporting the release of this revolutionary piece of work. This product has been featured in hundreds of sites and blogs and people that have tested the prototypes have hailed it as once in a lifetime experience. This is the top reason why the ionpod is so popular everywhere on the web. Just a quick search on the search engines for the term will reveal tens of results.

More and more people are backing up the mini electric skateboard and are also subscribing to receive notifications about two of the newer models that are now already in the works, even if the original hasnít been released yet. The technologies are evolving and it is already possible to go even further. Those times when the electric longboard is a part of the present, like in that movie Back to the Future are almost upon us. The wait for the amazing gadget is almost over and the client can be the person that can make it happen even faster.

By donating to the cause via the crowdfunding services not only does the person receive his own device at the end of the campaign but he or she also speeds up the process in which these skates will become available on the mass market as well. The electric skateboard is revolutionary due to many features that it incapsulates in the small and yet viable industrial design. It still features maple wood as the base for the added sturdiness of the construction and also a fixed layer of elasticity that wonít allow it to break on the impact every time that the deck hits something.

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