The Indianapolis Men's Clinc Announces Treatment Options For Men Dealing With Multiple Dysfunctions

The Indianapolis Men's Clinic offers hope for men suffering from more than one sexual dysfunction

Online PR News – 05-January-2018 – Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Menís Clinic, a menís sexual health practitioner office, offering an all-male staff in Carmel, IN announce their ability to treat men suffering from multiple sexual disorders. Men living in and around the greater Indianapolis, IN area dealing with sexual health problems, including erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, and Peyronieís Disease are seeing a 90% success rate for their treatment of sexual dysfunction through the Indianapolis Menís Clinic.

This state of the art clinic has recognized that many of their patients seeking solutions for sexual dysfunction are not only dealing with one specific sexual dysfunction, but very often two or more sexual dysfunctions that are occurring at the same time. The Indianapolis Menís Clinic now offers treatment options for men dealing with more than one sexual dysfunction problem simultaneously!

The most common combination of sexual dysfunctions seen at this clinic tend to be erectile dysfunction with Peyronieís disease or erectile dysfunction with low testosterone. This is caused from Peyronieís disease and low testosterone both being present and erectile dysfunction as a symptom of those conditions. This does not mean that erectile dysfunction cannot occur alone. The staff at the Indianapolis Menís Clinic see many men who believe they are suffering from only erectile dysfunction and are discouraged and frustrated with their current erectile dysfunction medications, like Viagra, Cilais, and Levitra.

At the Indianapolis Menís Clinic they do not encourage the use of common sexual dysfunction medications, like Viagra, Cilais, and Levitra. Their practitioners have found these drugs not to work in 70% of men. Many of those men often discovered that their erectile dysfunction medications may not be helping because not only are these drugs not very effective, but their erectile dysfunction is a symptom of another sexual dysfunction. This leaves men struggling with how to manage their multiple sexual dysfunction conditions and symptoms.

The treatment options available through the Indianapolis Menís Clinic are all highly effective, safe, and FDA approved. They often target more than one sexual dysfunction problem at a time with the same treatment. Erection inducing drugs, like Viagra, Cilais, and Levitra often disregard the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction and are not effective in treating it. Research has found there are several side effects to these drugs including erections that may last longer than 4 hours, which may lead to serious long-term damage to the blood vessels within the penis. When medications like this are taken with a coinciding condition like Peyronieís disease, the effects can be devastating and increase the penile pain and penis curvatures associated with Peyronieís disease.

The Indianapolis Menís Clinic offers a remarkably promising treatment option for Peyronieís disease patients called Priapus Therapy. Priapus treatment not only helps to straighten and lengthen the penis, but also improves penial function. This break-through therapy is a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy that uses blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis and improve erectile function up to 90%. Often Priapus Therapy can be enough to aide in the treatment of both Peyronieís Disease and erectile dysfunction, but if Priapus Therapy alone is not enough, it will improve the efficacy of other sexual disorder treatments. When Priapus Therapy patients do not see relief from all symptoms, the doctors at the Indianapolis Menís Clinic rely on a custom-blend of sublingual medication compounded specifically for that individual patient. These techniques have offered Peyronieís Disease suffers with erectile dysfunction, and their partners, a remarkable improvement to their quality of sex. Priapus Therapy has also shown to help with the efficacy of other treatments for low testosterone and premature ejaculation, as well as, Peyronieís disease and erectile dysfunction.

The Indianapolis Menís Clinic is equipped with an on-site laboratory, so blood draws can be done right there in the office. As underlying sexual dysfunctions are ruled out, a customized approach to treating sexual dysfunction is discussed.

The staff at Indianapolis Menís Clinic realizes that not all men suffering from more than one sexual dysfunction are dealing with erectile dysfunction and Peyronieís disease or erectile dysfunction with low testosterone, however these tend to be the most frequent combinations seen. Treatments available through the Indianapolis Menís Clinic have a high success rate because they target more than one condition at a time and can be individually altered according to each patient. Their treatment options tend to be more natural and less invasive than other treatment plans available. The Indianapolis Menís Clinic treats sexual health as part of their overall health, recognizing that poor sexual function can often be connected to other serious conditions occurring within the body, like diabetes or heart disease. This is one of the key reasons why prescribing the blue pill without learning the cause of a condition can be dangerous to a patientís long-term health.

Men suffering from one or more sexual disorders are encouraged to learn more about the Indianapolis Menís Clinicís approach to discovering and treating sexual dysfunction problems. Men are encouraged to visit online at: or call 317-689-0252.

If you are a male located in Indianapolis, Carmel, Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, and surrounding area and suffering from one or more sexual dysfunction condition, the Indianapolis Menís Clinic would love the opportunity to help. Patients will enjoy their all male staff, sports television, masculine waiting area, and same day and walk-in appointment availability. The Indianapolis Menís Clinic has been extremely successful in treating menís sexual dysfunction that if patients do not notice improvement after their first visit, the appointment is free.

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