New Website to Allow Users to Critique Evaluate Teeth Whitening Products

Consumers who have been looking to whiten their teeth but have been unsure what system to purchase will soon have a powerful resource at their disposal.

Online PR News – 05-February-2011 – – Consumers who have been looking to whiten their teeth but have been unsure what system to purchase will soon have a powerful resource at their disposal. Teeth Whitening Reviews is powering a website that will encourage consumers to log in and evaluate their experience with certain teeth whitening products based on price, usability, and how effective the treatment was. The website,, will then average these out and rate the product on an easy to read five star system. Additionally, the website provides quick and easy access to the websites of the products that it reviews and equally easy access to the written reviews provided for each product. Additionally, the company itself produces some editorials and articles, such as their piece on laser teeth whitening, meant to help clarify any confusion the consumer might have. An example of this can be found at

What this means for consumers is that they now have an unbiased source to turn to when it comes time for them to invest their money into a whitening system. The reviews provided by other consumers will be more trustworthy that advertisements and statistics provided by the manufacturers of these products. Allowing several consumers to evaluate and rank these products on the mentioned criteria of price, usability, and strength will protect the consumer from fraudulent manufacturer claims as well as providing a “strength in numbers” approach to choosing the treatment of their choice. More reviews from more users who have little or no reason to smear their opinions and results of their treatments should mean more honest and accurate results in reviews and helping consumers to choose their source of treatment.

Teeth Whitening Reviews is a company based out of California dedicated to helping consumers purchase only the best products at reasonable prices. Their services allow consumers to find products that offer the most bang for their buck and encourage these consumers to spread their experiences and opinions of their treatments to other consumers by empowering them in grading the products and treatments used. The company also provides reviews of various teeth whitening treatments and systems and hosts them on their website to assist consumers in making educated decisions. The company is dedicated to creating a user powered system where consumers are the judge and jury for teeth whitening products and are able to accurately portray the cost versus effectiveness of these products without corporate cajoling interfering in the process.

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