‘Stolen Prey’ Puts Readers in the Shoes of the Hunted

Lindsay Mawson’s new thriller, Stolen Prey, allows readers to experience the bond between friends and colleagues, a kindling romance, and the anger and retaliation of an abusive fiancé scorned.

Online PR News – 07-February-2011 – – Author Lindsay Mawson has just announced the release of her debut novel, Stolen Prey. Mawson tells the thrilling tale of a police detective that becomes involved with a woman who is the victim of domestic abuse and soon thereafter, attempted murder, and the harrowing chase that ensues in order to capture the suspect.

Mawson offers readers the chance to step into the shoes of others to experience the bond between friends and colleagues, a kindling romance, and the anger and retaliation of a vicious fiancé scorned.

“Domestic abuse is such a prevalent subject in today’s world, and it became inspiration to me. I wanted my readers to experience the pain and fear that comes as a result of a violent relationship, but also throw them into the depths of a scenario that one never hopes to be in: helpless at the hands of a killer,” says Mawson of her motivations behind writing this novel.

Published by Lulu.com, Stolen Prey will be available through online book retailers worldwide, and may be ordered from brick and mortar bookstores. It retails for $22.99 in 6x9 paperback (ISBN-13: 978-0-557-44912-5). Stolen Prey can also be found in a variety of eBook formats through Smashwords.com and other major retailers, like Amazon’s Kindle, for $8.99.

About Lindsay Mawson

Lindsay was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario. More than fifteen years ago, she decided to share the dark and mysterious corners of her mind in the form of writing so that others could not only be entertained but also chilled to the core. When she is not sitting at the computer creating her next thriller for fans to enjoy, she is a devoted wife and mother to a one-year-old living in the rural outskirts of London, Ontario.

For more information on Stolen Prey, visit www.lmawson.com or contact Lindsay Mawson at 519-844-2328 (or lindsaymawson@live.com).

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