PartTimeJobsProIndia in a New Avatar: Renovates Website and Makes Innovative Offers

India’s fastest growing job portal, PartTimeJobsProIndia, gives a new sleek look to its website and brings novel offers for the benefit employers and professionals.

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – PartTimeJobsProIndia’s designers used a simple and soothing combination of blue and white to give a fresh new look and design to meet the needs of the growing job portal. Along with the change in looks, PartTimeJobsProIndia has also launched a number of new offers to attract new job seekers and employers to use its services for searching candidates and jobs in India.

PartTimeJobsProIndia has announced that it will allow the employers to enroll as members, without making any payment. It also does not charge any money from the employers for the first ten jobs. One employer member of the company expressed his approval saying, “I like their confidence. I like the fact that my company can post first ten jobs for free. On the basis of the responses we receive to our postings, I can decide on further dealings with them.”

The fact that the membership is free and anyone can become a member just by filling a simple online registration form and post their job requirements for free is welcomed by smaller organizations with lesser recruitment needs. Many smaller organizations are using the offer to post free ten jobs online and find the right candidate from among thousands of hopefuls.

The head of an HR department in a midsize firm, said, “We needed to hire only three candidates and it did not make sense to buy the expensive packages offered by different job sites. When I saw PartTimeJobsProIndia’s offer, I thought I’d just give it a shot. It worked. When we have more requirements I intend to use the same portal to fulfill my needs.” Her words demonstrate how this plan has made finding candidates for jobs in India easier.

PartTimeJobsProIndia has also launched a new plan which will let people use their knowledge and skills to earn money. This plan is named ‘Affiliate Membership’ and at present PartTimeJobsProIndia allows everyone to become an affiliate member without making any payment. Affiliate membership is a mutually beneficial plan that helps both the company and the affiliate member make money.

Under this plan, the company gives the Affiliate member the authority to email business and invited them to become an employer member of PartTimeJobsProIndia. Affiliate members are paid a percentage on the money paid by the employer member companies for the services they purchase. Affiliate members can use their knowledge of a particular industry, or use their interpersonal skills and contacts, to make money without spending too much time.

PartTimeJobsProIndia has generated a lot of interest in the market with its innovative plans. An official from the company expressed the hope that his organization would now be able to reach a greater number of people and play an instrumental role in bringing together individuals looking for jobs in India and employers scouting for the ideal candidates.

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