The Indianapolis Men's Clinic Announces How Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Can Improve Self Esteem

Men's Sexual Health Clinic discusses how men can improve their well-being beyond their performance in the bedroom

Online PR News – 13-February-2018 – Carmel, Indiana – The Indianapolis Menís Clinic, located in Carmel, Indiana, and serves men living in and around the greater Indianapolis, IN area dealing with sexual dysfunction problems. Treatments include erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, and Peyronieís Disease.

Their medical staff states, ďOne of the most rewarding parts of the relationship we have with our patients is watching them transition into confident, genuinely happy, and enthusiastic individuals once their sex lives have been restored.Ē The Indianapolis Menís Clinic wants men, and their partners, to know that there are medically documented physical and psychological reasons why a manís self-esteem may plummet if he is dealing with sexual dysfunction issues, and how treating sexual dysfunctions can restore a manís self-esteem.

Research has shown that from a physical angle each of the most common sexual dysfunction issues presents its own physical characteristics, which helps us diagnose individual sexual dysfunction problems. Erectile dysfunction presents itself by a man becoming impotent, or unable to achieve and/or sustain an erection adequate for penetration. Low testosterone often is accompanied by erectile dysfunction, and can physically change a manís entire body. Low T is a male hormonal imbalance that can cause weight gain and reduce muscle mass. Peyronieís disease is characterized by a penile bend or curvature, often accompanied by erectile dysfunction and painful sex. Premature ejaculation presents itself by an obvious ejaculation, which abruptly may end intercourse before either partner is satisfied with the sexual experience. Among all of these sexual dysfunctions are physical characteristics that are unable to be hidden from a manís sexual partner. A male experiencing any of these four common sexual dysfunctions will begin to experience psychological repercussions.

Looking at sexual dysfunction from a psychological stand point, testosterone is the male hormone that regulates a manís sexual reproductive development and sex drive. A hormonal imbalance within the human body will always present psychological symptoms because hormones are connected with the signals our brain receives to control body functions and moods. Low testosterone may leave a man psychologically feeling symptoms of depression, lack of interest in sex, and mood swings. Other sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, Peyronieís disease, and premature ejaculation may not be directly connected to our psychological health as hormones are. Each of these come with medical psychological symptoms generally resulting from a crushed self-esteem experienced by men unable to sexually perform.

Self-esteem is a psychological component of an individualís personality. It is a personís confidence in their own worth or abilities. A man with a high self-esteem is confident in himself and his abilities. His opinion of himself is good. A man with a low self-esteem lacks confidence in himself and his abilities. He has a poor opinion of himself. When a man develops a sexual dysfunction problem which inhibits his ability to perform according to his expectations, his confidence in himself and his abilities as a sexual partner will begin to decrease. This can result in a poor self-esteem.

The Indianapolis Menís Clinic recognizes that many men believe that hiding behind their sexual dysfunction is the best way to cope with it, unfortunately this creates a vicious cycle that only crushes their self-esteem more and more. When a sexual dysfunction problem is left untreated it often gets worse, not better. The worse it becomes the more work it takes to hide it. This usually creates distance between a man and his partner, only deepening the negative feelings the man is having towards himself. The first initial step of acknowledging a problem is the hardest part of treating sexual dysfunction. After treatment is sought, and the conditions begin to improve, a man will begin to feel like himself again. His confidence in himself and his abilities begin to improve with each sexually satisfying experience.

Unfortunately, the specialists at the Indianapolis Menís Clinic encounter many patients who feel even more hopeless because they have had failed treatments in the past. After attempting to treat sexual dysfunction only to be left with no positive results, their self-esteem has become even lower. Read testimonials from men who have had success working with the Indianapolis Menís Clinic after dealing with sexual dysfunction problems for years! Testimonials can be found at: The Indianapolis Menís Clinic has a 97% success rate for their custom menís treatments thanks to their customized treatment options compared to other products on the market including male prescription drugs, like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

The Indianapolis Menís Clinic wants men to know that not seeking proper treatment for sexual dysfunction will not benefit them other than gaining a poorer disposition and decreased self-esteem. Patients at the Indianapolis Menís Clinic are greeted with comfort in a relaxing male setting, equipped with an all-male staff, sports television, and masculine waiting area. The Indianapolis Menís Clinic is so confident that treating a manís sexual dysfunction will improve their self-esteem, that if they do not notice a positive difference after their first appointment, then there is no charge. If you are a male in or around the Indianapolis, IN area who would like to have restored confidence in yourself and abilities give the Indianapolis Menís Clinic a call at (317)762-2222 or schedule an appointment online.

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