What makes a good smart key system? Part 1 – Customer needs available through bharatbook.com

Bharatbook.com announces inclusion of latest report on "What makes a good smart key system? Part 1 – Customer needs"

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Bharatbook.com announces inclusion of latest report on "What makes a good smart key system? Part 1 – Customer needs"(http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=169509&rt=What-makes-a-good-smart-key-system-Part-1-Customer-needs.html)Smart Key systems have now been available for over ten years, yet the industry is still struggling to generate strong customer interest. Drivers who have smart key systems are generally positive towards them and show strong likelihood of choosing a system on their next new car but overall fitment rates remain low. SBD’s three part series, “What makes a good smart key system?” aims to identify best practice features and solutions from the range of systems available in Europe.

“Part 1 - Customer needs” is the first report in this set which specifically focuses on the customer needs and expectations of Smart Key systems. It investigates the features that drivers like and dislike, and looks at reasons why many drivers are not buying smart key systems. Opinions are sourced from SBD’s multi-national end-user surveys and our extensive benchmark testing and Smart Key market research.

Table of Contents:

1. Executive summary
1.1 Introduction to the report series
1.2 Introduction to this report
1.3 Summary of key points
2. Introduction
2.1 Report structure
3. Selling a smart key system
3.1 Primary benefits and concerns
3.2 Dealerships and information
4. Smart Key system design
4.1 Thatcham requirements summary
4.2 Smart entry
4.2.1 Knowing the vehicle is locked/unlocked
4.2.2 A natural feeling to locking/unlocking the vehicle

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