New Indie Films Online: Top Filmmaker Unveils Distribution Network garners industry exposure to film newcomers, looking to promote new indie films online, with the launching of a fresh, innovative distribution network...find out more.

Online PR News – 09-March-2011 – – Beverly Hills, CA - New Indie Films online: gained a fresh alternative online distribution network earlier today, when acclaimed filmmaker, Matthew Charles Hall joined forces with radical website design firm to develop, a new Indie Films Online distribution outlet. This indie films online portal is specifically designed to give artistic, plus financial control to new indie films, and independent filmmakers worldwide. This fresh, new independent film network generates industry exposure, and financial profit for new up-and-comers in the industry, previously only available through generous financial backing, or traditional studio distribution.

“I was at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 where I had a film playing out of competition,” Hall says, “and I met so many talented artists, indie filmmakers, and all were after the same thing: industry recognition and studio distribution. I realized the most logical way for all of us to gain that notoriety, was to create a new indie films online network of talent, which the industry could no longer ignore. So a new independent film distribution portal to celebrate that talent and showcase these films was the logical path.” garners industry exposure to film newcomers, looking to promote new indie films online, with the launching of a fresh, innovative distribution network...find out more!

For Hall, it took almost a year to see his vision of a new indie films online distribution network become a reality. From concept to launch in just a few short months, industry recognition has grown considerably for his new indie films online project.

Quickly gaining notoriety, has both the approval and participation of industry greats. Academy Award winning producer Michael Phillips (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Taxi Driver), endorses this new indie films online portal, which includes a series of exclusive motivational interviews with such cinematic icons as Academy Award nominated production designer Lawrence Paull (Blade Runner, Back to the Future), actress Dee Wallace (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial), composer John Ottman (Superman Returns, The Usual Suspects), director Don Bluth (The Land Before Time, An American Tail) and screenwriter and former Writer’s Guild vice president Carl Gottlieb (Jaws).

The new indie films online site will help to empower, independent filmmakers to reach out directly to viewers. Filmmakers will upload their work, build their own profile, along with a digital resume, and then charge viewers to download their films, or stream them instantly over the site. The independent filmmaker then collects revenue for every view they receive. This new indie films online portal has thrilled both Hollywood icons, and newcomers alike with their motivation, drive, tenacity, and success…

“I feel terrible that people make wonderful indie films and can’t get avenues for distribution, and that’s why I’m happy to see come along,” says Phillips, who won the Best Picture Academy Award for The Sting in 1973, “It seems like the right idea at the right time, new indie films will only benefit from this online presence”.

"For those of you who are established indie filmmakers, or, perhaps just joining the independent film industry, find out more about this new indie films online concept at right now…!"

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