Breakthrough in Magnetics Provides Boost to Men Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

Magnasex Lauded As “Practical and Effective”

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – As a general rule, most people have the understanding that “magnetic force” has to do with pull and attraction using the properties of a magnet. Dr. Hans Hermann, unlike most, has taken this principle a few steps further. Dr. Hermann, in the midst of one of his studies, observed that magnetic force can be used not only to improve a person’s overall circulation, but also to move blood into specific areas of the human body.
As soon as this observation was made, Hermann says he had what might be called an “a-ha” moment.
“Look,” Hermann said, “we all know that erections occur when a person’s brain responds to a stimulus and sends blood flowing into your penis. On the other hand, when you feel aroused, but still fail to get an erection, it’s because blood is NOT moving into your penis.”
In considering his newfound theory, Dr. Hermann essentially put two and two together and realized that it might be possible to actually use the science of magnetics to pull blood into the human penis, thus providing much needed relief to men suffering from erectile dysfunction and a number of other erectile problems.
States Dr. Hermann simply, “I invented MagnaSex after observing that magnetic force can be used not only to improve your overall circulation, but also to move blood into specific areas of the body.”
Magnasex is a sophisticated device, created by Hermann’s lab, that uses magnetic energy to dilate blood vessels and draw excess blood from other parts of your body, and directs this blood flow right into your penis. MagnaSex minimizes resistance and allows the blood to move easily and quickly into your penis, resulting in a big, strong, and long lasting erection!

It would also seem, according to the company’s literature, that Magnasex is also very easy to use. The user is provided a small, unobtrusive device that is placed in the front pocket, next to the penis, and the natural forces of nature will cause it to work. According to testimonials and research done by Hermann, the effects of Magnasex can be realized for up to thirteen hours after contact with the magnet is broken off.
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