New Model LED Display Case Lighting Tubes Provide Versatile Lighting

For caring retail or jewelry store owners utilizing glass to glass display cases. Today, Global Green Lighting, Inc. announced the launch of new acrylic brackets for LED display tube lighting.

Online PR News – 20-April-2011 – – LED display case lighting has gotten a makeover, as display case owners can now purchase acrylic brackets in addition to traditional stainless steel models. While stainless steel brackets will still be available, acrylic brackets provide an improvement on this favorite technology. These new acrylic brackets provide an increased number of mounting options, including improved glass-to-glass mounting. Due to importance of precision when it comes to display case lighting to properly present and highlight your goods, this improved versatility comes in great demand.

Stainless steel has been the traditional material used for LED display case lighting brackets for many years now. It provides a few different glass and light mounting options, including using standard "I" and "L" brackets. The standard "L" shaped bracket is especially popular as it allows a pair of lights to attach to each side, and they attach easily to aluminum and wooden display case or show case edges using normal metal screws. "The new acrylic brackets provide an immediately apparent improvement over these stainless steel brackets as they provide the ability to attach to cases that primarily utilize an aluminum top edge, and there is no need to screw in these aluminum brackets. Instead of utilizing screws, these acrylic brackets attach using a special type of clear glue, which further increases their versatility." said Xiao Dong Li, Tube Light Specialist of Global Green Lighting, Inc.

These new acrylic brackets provide a 90 degree corner glass to glass attachment. The acrylic itself is clear, which provides the ability for users to place LED tube lights effortlessly and all but invisibly to glass counters. These acrylic brackets also provide the ability to tilt and adjust the angle of the LED lighting tubes freely and easily, which is especially necessary when finding the correct angle of light to properly showcase the displayed goods. While many other forms of bracketing for LED display lights requires a certain level of inconvenience to adjust them, acrylic brackets just require the quick turn of a couple of screws to adjust their angles.

This increased versatility afforded by these new acrylic brackets is a real boon to any retail owner or merchandise arranger who wants to make sure that they display their stores' products optimally to maximize their sales. Every good retail store manager or merchandiser understands the importance of maximizing the visual appeal of their goods, and that the key to this maximization lies in how well they are lit. "Properly lit products will showcase their best angles and take an added life of their own, while improperly lit merchandise will remain flat and unappealing. Not only do the attachment methods of the acrylic bracket allow for an increased number of installation options but their ease of adjustment makes them ideal for making sure that your merchandise always looks its best- even when you are rearranging or restocking your cabinets." added Xiao Dong Li, Tube Light Specialist of Global Green Lighting, Inc.

There are still some cases where stainless steel brackets offer an ideal light mounting solution, so these brackets are still available. For the rest of the time, the new and improved acrylic brackets provide all the versatility and ease of use that any store owner or merchandiser might require.

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