Surtrek Tour Operator Offers Motor Yacht Tours in the Galapagos Islands

Surtrek Tour Operator, an esteemed tour service provider, is offering tours via first class motor yacht named as Galaxy Yacht in the Galapagos Islands...

Online PR News – 27-April-2011 – – Ecuador: Surtrek Tour Operator, an esteemed tour service provider, is offering tours via first class motor yacht named as Galaxy Yacht in the Galapagos Islands. The tour package includes accommodation in the yacht, traveling to Santa Cruz Island, Floreana Island, Espanola Island, Gardener Bay, San Cristobal Island, Santiago Island, Genovesa Island and other nearby attractive places. Besides these, the tour itinerary includes adventure of snorkeling and scuba diving at comfortable diving areas.
The Galaxy Yacht has the capacity to accommodate 16 passengers at a time and stands ideal for travelers in group. It has been equipped with nine air-conditioned double cabins and each one has private bathroom. The luxuriously designed cruise ship also has a dining room, a bar and lounge, TV and DVD, a library, and a sundeck.
“We specialize in offering cruise tours to wonderful locations in the Galapagos Islands. As of now, we are offering traveling extravaganza via luxuriously designed Galaxy Yacht. Our travel advisors dealing with Galapagos Island tours are able to design the best tour itineraries including adventure activities, sightseeing, wildlife tours etc. The tour duration of different packages differs from 4 to 8 days as per the choice of the travelers”, says Alfonso Tandazo, Manager, Surtrek Tour Operator.
The Galapagos expedition includes a visit to the Galapagos National Park wherein tourists can have close glimpse of endemic bird species like Hood-Mockingbird, Darwin finches etc. Apart from this, the itinerary covers the adventure of snorkeling in Floreana Island, Santa Fe Island etc where adventure lovers can take opportunity in diving underneath the vast oceanic islands and come across riff sharks, star fishes, marine turtles, sea lions and many tropical ornamental fishes.
Furthermore, the island tour includes visiting the Charles Darwin Research Center in the Santa Cruz Island. It is a popular tortoise breeding station wherein tourists will find the Lonesome George, the only living species of his specific group.
The island tours via Galaxy Yacht can be customized according to the choice and budget of the travelers. Interested customers can visit the website of Galapagos Yacht and can get detailed information about the tour package.
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