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New Product Offering Secures Infi

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

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New Product Offering Secures Infinite Subdomains With a Single Wildcard SSL Certificate

Scottsdale, AZ. 04/23/2011 announces the expansion of their website security product line. The new offering is capable of securing unlimited subdomains with a single certificate.

Saves Time - Administration effort is reduced because one wildcard SSL certificate can replace many standard certificates.
Saves Money - If you have two or more subdomains, a wildcard certificate will be more affordable than multiple standard certificates.

With a regular SSL certificate, only one domain name will be secured. This means that for those who have several sub-domains like mail. yourdomain. com, www. yourdomain. com, and store. yourdomain. com, you will normally have to purchase a single SSL certificate for each and every one. This could greatly boost the expense and difficulty of securing and operating your servers
Having said that, there is an alternative that can help you save cash and time . Wildcard SSL certs allow you to protect an infinite number of sub-domains for a certain domain name.
This is very beneficial in many setups but there can be several disadvantages, which are detailed down the page. Wildcard certificates are becoming cheaper and much more common. Here we will go over several of the pluses and minuses:

Convenience: With a wildcard SSL certificate you simply obtain and use a single certificate per domain.
Price: While they can be more pricey than a single standard certificate, they can be worth the money if you have to protect a couple of sub-domains. Although the majority of wildcard SSL certificates will only protect sub-domains on a single web server, some certificate suppliers can supply an unlimited server certificate, and so you need only buy one wildcard certificate that can be used on any amount of servers.
Deploying 50 different individual SSL certificates can be quite a overwhelming job, even when using a management user interface. Also keep in mind that you must do everything all over again, when the time comes to renew them. A wildcard certificate helps make quick work of renewal.

Security. Whenever you only use one certificate on numerous websites and hosts, it takes only a single server to become hacked, and every one of the rest will also be vulnerable.

Mobile Gadget Compatibility: Some mobile OS's, including Windows Mobile 5, do not recognize the wildcard character (*) and consequently can not work with a wildcard certificate. Some vendors offer an enhanced certificate, created to work on incompatible mobile systems by including particular sub-domains in the Subject Alternative Name of the certificate.

A regular SSL certificate protects only a solitary domain, while a wildcard ssl certificate also secures a limiteless quantity of subdomains within the domain. This reduces the number of certificates required.

The wildcard SSL certificate is usually more cost-effective than multiple conventional certificates. The break-even number depends on the provider's price model, but is usually two to three sub-domains (meaning that if you have 3 or more sub-domains, it will probably be more affordable to buy a wildcard certificate.)

If the certificate is hacked, all your subdomains are compromised.
Wildcard SSL gives you limited compatibility with a few current mobile devices.

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