Writers May Work Standing Up! Ergonomics Fosters Healthier Workplace equips cubicles with ergonomics. Healthy seating for Sitename writers enhances energies and creativity for client projects.

Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – is standing up (or sitting down) for employee health. Writer workspaces will now get an ergonomic upgrade. This healthy change is hoped to enhance writer health and add a certain zest to all the work we do.

Writers at do all they can to offset the negative impact of hours of computer use. Management tries to support them in any way we can. Our most recent initiative is to give our writers their choice of ergonomically designed office furnishings.

Thus, we are all looking over catalogs and samples of a bewildering array of options. Should we consider standing desks, infinitely adjustable chairs, kneeling chair, exercise balls, or vibrating chairs? Whatever the selection, employees are looking forward to a more comfortable work experience over hours and hours.

Once all this cutting edge design is installed and delivered, we expect that there will be a collective sigh of relief. Thereafter, we hope for increased productivity and a happier workforce. This is likely to result in better papers and quicker timelines.

This sort of thoughtful initiative on behalf of employees has precedents that you can examine at

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Our purchase of back-friendly equipment is both an expression of our concern for employees. It is also a clear instance of enlightened self-interest. If our writers are miserable, how can they help our clients with all their projects? The tightness of deadline, complexity, and obscurity of topic, all demand complete focus on our writers’ parts. will do whatever it takes to keep writers healthy, comfortable, and refreshed. This way, the essays, scripts, dissertations and other document will receive our writers’ individualized attention and ensure our clients’ success.

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