Internet Activity at Work 2009Q3:Analysis of Office Employees’ Internet Usage Patterns

In this report we will discuss changes in user preferences that took place in 2009.

Online PR News – 09-December-2009 – – Entensys previously analyzed Internet usage by office employees based on second quarter, 2009 data. The subject of that study was employees’ Internet activity level and non-work related usage of the Internet.

In this report we will discuss changes in user preferences that took place in 2009.

The study was conducted between July and September, 2009. The findings are based on the analysis of 55 million visits to various sites by employees of more than 2000 companies that use UserGate Proxy&Firewall.

The methodology was detailed in a previous report, “Internet Usage at Work, 2009Q2.” The acquisition of statistics is possible due to UserGate Proxy & Firewall’s capability to filter websites. When entering any site, a classification request is sent to the content filtering server to authorize or deny access according to the policy of the company using UserGate Proxy & Firewall. Analysis of the various categories’ popularity is based on the total number of requests.

The data became more accurate due to more than a tripling in the amount of registered visits. The standard deviation is between 0.1% and 1.0%, depending on the category.
As in the previous report, this study is related solely to Internet usage at work.

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