Wells-Smith Partners Releases Innovative Program Changes Happiness Mindset in 60 Days

"How To Create A Happier Life With The Enneagram" Home Study Program Teaches How To Be Happy In Life

Online PR News – 19-May-2011 – – (ATLANTA, GEORGIA. MAY 12, 2011) Wells-Smith Partners announces the release of their latest publication, a self-development home study program: "How to Create a Happier Life with Enneagram" is a home study program designed to teach users how to increase their levels of happiness. The program combines the lastest research on happiness with mindfulness practices that have been in use for centuries.

"How to Create a Happier Life with Enneagram" is intended to increase your "set point" for happiness, a measure of how receptive an individual is to happiness. By increasing this set point, individuals can increase their ability to be a happier, healthier person.

Mindfulness practices such as self-observation, meditation and present moment awareness are part of this 60-day program. These practices have roots in spiritual traditions from around the world that have been extensively studied in the past three decades. Research from the Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the university of Pennsylvannia has shown through brain scans that such practices are highly effective in permanently healing depression, anxiety, panic disorders, weight management and many other psychological conditions. Learning these practices removes the self-imposed barriers to learning how to live a happy life.

"How to Create a Happier Life with the Enneagram" is partially based the latest research from the Positive Psychology Center. Positive psychology is the study of what makes a happier and healthier person. By using the skill set that is present in the happiest and most effective people, the developers of this program created a series of exercises designed to teach "happiness" skills. Learning the skills that are known to make an individual happier creates a mind set that leads to a successful life.

Using the ancient Enneagram symbol of the nine personality type as a structure for learning skills that are known to increase level of happiness, users follow a step-by-step self-assessment of their personality, eliminating barriers that prevent them from being happy in life. The Enneagram is a personality assessment system widely used by therapists, business consultants, and theologians. It includes both the psychological and spiritual aspects of nine basic personality types.

This program is based on workshops and therapy programs designed by a transpersonal life coach. Transpersonal psychology works with both the psychological and spiritual aspects of an individual to bring about lasting change. The use of an individual's beliefs is a key factor to increasing the happiness set point because people are as happy as they believe they can be. By altering beliefs, users remove self-imposed limitations on self-esteem, intitiative, adaptability, confidence, flexibility, creativity and other important qualities associated with happiness.

The result of two years of intensive development based on proven techniques, extensive research and practical experience, the program includes a 300-page book, workbook, journal, CD-ROM, access to a support website and more.

"How to Create a Happier Life with the Enneagram" helps users identify strengths and use supposed weaknesses to accomplish their goals, stop self-defeating behaviors that sabotage their success, know how to relate to others by identifying their personality type and adjusting communications, change their happiness set point and establish the mindset for being happy with life.

For more information about this innovative new program, or to download our free "The Enneagrams of Fun Stuff," visit HowtoCreateaHappierLife.com

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